Hatchet Chapter 8 Questions And Vocabulary - St Michaels - Assignment

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Hatchet Chapter 8 Questions
1 - At first, Brian thought he woke up because of a growl but he
realized it was the wind that woke him up, a medium wind in
the pines had made some noise and woke him up.
2 - Brian thought the source of the smell might have been the
bear that he encountered before or it might have been
some type of monster too, but all of these were wrong
because the real reason of the smell was the porcupine. The
porcupine got that musty smell probably because it’s from
the woods without any owners, who would be able to give it
a bath and make it smell nice and fresh.
3 - He very quickly learned that feeling sorry for himself isn’t
helpful and that it would be better to do something rather
than just having self-pity on yourself since this is what’s
essential for survival against nature.
4 - Brian kicked the porcupine and threw his hatchet at it. His
hatchet missed the animal and the porcupine lodged a
number of quills in the calf of his leg.
5 - Brian had pain signals sent to his brain in tight waves while
removing the quills. Therefore, Brian experienced severe and
intense pain when he removed the quills from his leg.
6 - Brian knew that the hatchet was the only tool that he had so
he thought he had to do something to protect it but rather
than damaging it, Brian decided he should construct a
from entering his shelter.
7 - He believes that his father and Terry were telling him that
the hatchet was the key to lighting a fire.
8 - Brian soon realizes that he can make sparks by striking the
hatchet against the rock so he thought if he j...

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