Healthcare In America Over The Years Vatterott And Billing And Coding Essay

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Healthcare over the years 2
Healthcare Over the Years in America
When looking at the healthcare in America over the years it has changed significantly; going from nomadic doctors with little training and remedies passed down from our elders to a highly complex system with better technology, more accurate procedures, and doctors with years of experience and training. The evolution of healthcare has had many milestones including the introduction of healthcare programs, drug regulations and laws, even medical insurance has come around within these periods of time. The healthcare system has grown so much we have built organizations that make a profit from health care. (Randolph, F, n.d.) While the United States of America has had great strides in healthcare, there have also downfalls throughout the decades.
Early Living
In the early 1700’s there were no family care physicians, most of the time the women were to care for the ill within their family, only with extreme illness would a doctor be called. Even if the doctor is summoned for serious illness with little training and qualifications as we have today, they would practice their medicine while traveling place to place, picking up new techniques along the way. Being a midwife was also a common career for women in this period, most women would have at home births. (Randolph, F, n.d.) Prior to the research and knowledge, we know today, physicians and women used a traditional technique they referred to as the hot, cold, wet, and dry method. The first medical college wasn’t introduced until 1765 and the Massachusetts Medical Society was later combined in 1781. (U.S. Department of health, education, and welfare, NIH 76-1069) Physicians often opened medical schools to improve practice in American medicine and raise the standards of the medical profession. With more scientific findings, physicians were able to open small practices and charge a service fee. The impact of the new learnings in medicine and health care quickly changed the pace for the ill. Physicians started to become less nomadic and start practicing medicine under one roof.
While entering the 1800’s the need for more medical schools became apparent with the Civil War the need for medical research surfaced. The need for physicians meant more extensive training was needed, which brought around the John Hopkins University’s medical school in 1893. There now were requirements being put in place to practice medicine. All physicians had to receive at least a four-year degree and spend another four-years becoming a physician. In 1846 the American Medical Association was established. With this new establishment, the American Medical Association had a significant amount of influence over the practice of medicine. American Medical Association has made its self-known with the victory of drug regulations. (Griffin, J. (n.d.) The History of Healthcare in America)
Health Plans
During the 1900’s the President of the Uni...


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