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Night had fallen and the room was plunged into darkness. It was pitch black and the darkness threatened to swallow everything up. The eerie silence was broken every now and then by sorrowful sobs which could be heard coming from a corner of the room. Suddenly the door swung open and a blinding line of light entered the room. A young boy appeared at the doorway and he flipped on the light switch, which filled the room with light, chasing the darkness away."Why didn't you switch on the light? By the way, dinner's ready. Mum sent me to call you down and you had better go down now. She's in a bad mood..." he faltered as he noticed his brother, Dan, crouching in a corner hugging his kne ...view middle of the document...

Dan's world shattered. He swallowed a lump in his throat as he tried desperately to choke back the tears forming rapidly in his eyes. He turned and ran as fast as his could to the boys' toilet, locking himself in a cubicle. There, his legs seem to weaken suddenly and he collapsed in a heap onto the floor. The tears he had tried to hold back came rushing out in a torrent. No matter how hard he tried, Cindy's smile as she accepted Ken's confession would not disappear. It was as though it was etched into his mind, unable to erase forever. Dan's thoughts began to drift back..."Hello, I'm Cindy, your new neighbour. We moved in next door yesterday. Gosh, it was tired, having to carry all those things into the house! But it was fun..." Dan chuckled as he listened to Cindy chatting away non-stop excitedly. She had a sweet voice and was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. In addition, they were around the same age and she was going to enroll in the same school as him. "Hey, I'm bored. Do you want to go to the park to play?" Dan agreed and after getting permission from their parents, they ran as fast as they could to the park, hand-in-hand and both of them were delighted that they had someone to play with. From then onwards, they became the best of friends. Every morning, he waited for her before setting off to school; he tutored her in science while she helped him with his math homework. They were very close and not only did they got into the same secondary school, they even enrolled in the same university and got into the same class! Dan enjoyed every minute he spent with Cindy; she was always laughing no matter what happened and she did not have a temper. Everyone loved being around her.Dan's heart melted whenever he saw Cindy. He was very sure that she was the only one for him. Dan still walked her to school every morning, often accompanied by Ken as he lived near them too. But who would have thought...Dan's anger returned as he remembered Ken's betrayal. Ken had good looks and being a member of the basketball team, he worked out frequently at the gym and that gave him bulging muscles. His fitness and exceptionally good looks had every girl swooning around him. There was always a group of giggling girls behind him wherever he went, trying to grab his attention and hoping that he would notice them. Ken had all the girls he wanted, unlike Dan, who was skinny and weak since young, often falling ill. To make things worse, he had a bad case of acne. Dan had long ago accepted that the world was unfair but he was not prepared for this. How could Ken do this to him? He knew that Dan had a crush on Cindy since young and was planning to confess to her soon but Ken destroyed his life with his own hands. And to think that they had been friends for so many years! He already had so many girls around him; why must he choose Cindy? Cindy was his! Dan got madder and madder as he thought about Ken's betrayal. He was livid. Unable to contain the flames of anger wit...


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334 words - 2 pages The Heartbreak Kid centres on the coming of age relationship between a teacher and a wild and spirited student. The teacher, Christiana Poppadpolis jolts the young man Nick Polides sexuality beyond belief. This story is in the Australian-Greek life upbringing which Nick is shown the truth about street life. Christiana is locked into traditions of how women are restricted into Greek traditions of women in the work place. Also how she commits

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439 words - 2 pages Free be.Pain is the true conquera of the heart, not love, because in the end you will always end up getting hurt. Nothing lasts forever not even love. Love fades as time goes by, no matter how hard you try to keep it in focus it will deteriate right in front of your eyes. So what is the point in love if it's only going to end in heartbreak?Someone once told me your life it what you make it, but is that really true? In reality we have no control over our

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616 words - 3 pages . When speaking to her  mother about the proposal she responds,”It is an honor that I dream not of.”(I, 3, 66)  Romeo was kind to her, and if she chose to marry him at least it would be her own  decision. It’s not love between them it is an act of lust and rebellion.  “Romeo and Juliet” is not a tale to aspire to. It’s a story of heartbreak, rebellion,  and tragedy. It isn’t the fairy tale, modern society has made it. Shakespeare wrote a  play

Essay On "The Metamorphosis" By Franz Kafka

565 words - 3 pages him to literally die of heartbreak and pain, he found out how his family truly felt about him. Gregor is literally left to climb the walls and die in total alienation.Gregor seems to find out that since his metamorphosis he is left out in the cold. He is no longer needed now that he can no longer provide for his family. Despite the love Gregor's mother had for him, the effect on her is terrible whenever she catches sight of him. Gregor's father

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1144 words - 5 pages heartbreak on the shoulders of Hamlet. Heartbreak since he now knows his own uncle killed his father. This realization was Hamlet’s first break, he is becoming more unstable, he is consumed by the desire for revenge. This begins to affect his relationship between his friends and family, especially Ophelia. This desire is slowly leading him down the path to insanity because he has no way of achieving this without killing him causing an extreme

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962 words - 4 pages replaced with a hatred for him, this heartbreak influenced him to keep hustling Instead of letting all his hard work go to waste, Duddy continued to push even harder to achieve the goal he had. Max Kravitz is Duddy`s father, and as a result has a huge influence over the life Duddy chooses to live. As a father, he motivates duddy to prosper and achieve great things. Max is always there to support his duddy, and is never shy to show them off to

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803 words - 4 pages trouble maker throughout high school. He was frequently skipping school and had a record of petty stealing. Luckily, John Lennon was a very good artistic drawer. His Aunt Mimi was responsible for persuading the headmaster at his school to recommend him to Liverpool Art College (Lennon 1). It was at college that John first found his love for music.In 1956, a friend played him Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel and Lonnie Donegan's Rock Island Line. From this

Title-Cassio's Tragedy And Shakespeare's Use Of Minor Characters Assignment-Analyze A Play (Othello) In Terms Of A Minor Character's Relation To The Plot

964 words - 4 pages Free been stripped from him. However, this somehow fails to make up for the heartbreak he suffered over Othello's rejection of him, nor would it seem to ease the pain he would feel at the passing of his friends. While the persecutions he suffered directly at Iago's hand are redressed, he still suffers because of events he had no hand in. In some ways, it makes his suffering almost worse than Othello's.Cassio is a perfect example of how Shakespeare

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1001 words - 5 pages Free fraught with heartbreak and humor in equal parts. Intertwined throughout the story is the tragedy of her brother’s disappearance and her journey to look for him at Monkey Beach.  This novel captivated me. I couldn’t put it down for long. And though I feel it deserves a five star rating, the interspersed scenes of animal pain and cruelty got to me quite a bit. However, to the novel’s credit, I never felt it was gratuitous. It always served a purpose

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811 words - 4 pages with McCandless’s family, beginning with his father, Walt McCandless, and his mother, Billie McCandless. Billie shows Krakauer photographs of Christopher’s childhood and Walt describes the heartbreak his son has caused the family. Krakauer’s investigation then picks up a new subject: McCandless’s frustration with his family. When McCandless graduated from high school, he went on a trip to California and discovered that his father had been a

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752 words - 4 pages Free , however, ignorance of things they cannot accurately comprehend yet may be beneficial. I have always believed in Santa Claus until I caught my parents slipping presents into my Christmas socks. I was shell shocked when I witnessed that my parents were no Santa Claus and Santa Claus indeed did not exist. I cried. I cried because my parents were liars. I cried because Santa Claus was not real. Ignorant of that fact would have saved me from heartbreak but

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917 words - 4 pages individual who does not have a relationship with God and does not know God’s purpose for their life can easily go astray in search for something to ease the pain and heartbreak that our lives can bring.  These substances give the individual feelings of euphoria and happiness for a short period of time, but lasting joy, peace and happiness comes from God I believe that God is our ultimate healer and only He can change our hearts and our minds so

Explain how Frida Kahlo has Interpreted her World and Experiences. - Visual Arts - Essay

714 words - 3 pages unconditional love for this man, yet now she expresses her heartbreak in an accurate visualization of pain. Although her marriage was torn apart, love was still a significant part of Frida Kahlo's life that was conveyed in this painting. Frida Kahlo was culturally and politically engaged in the world around her, interpreting her social disparity with paint as shown in My Dress Hangs There (1933). While travelling in North America, Frida desperately

“Scenes of great suffering and of great tenderness help to make King Lear a very memorable play.” - 6th Year higher level English - Leaving Cert Essay

2317 words - 10 pages really is. The amount of evil seen in Edmund is extremely memorable as his character becomes even more disgusting. Gloucester’s want to commit suicide hugely touched me as suicide is such a heartbreaking situation that many people have the unfortune of witnessing. This level of sadness and heartbreak is so touching to me that this scene can’t but be memorable to me. A scene of great tenderness in King Lear for me is the scene where Edgar and

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1032 words - 5 pages Free serve both personal and professional motives. It is clear throughout the Queen’s pieces of work that she tries to unify her love with other people, by heartbreak. She also tries to transform love by proving her commitment to her empire, and the ways in which she motivates her people.