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Heartbreak Essay

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Night had fallen and the room was plunged into darkness. It was pitch black and the darkness threatened to swallow everything up. The eerie silence was broken every now and then by sorrowful sobs which could be heard coming from a corner of the room. Suddenly the door swung open and a blinding line of light entered the room. A young boy appeared at the doorway and he flipped on the light switch, which filled the room with light, chasing the darkness away."Why didn't you switch on the light? By the way, dinner's ready. Mum sent me to call you down and you had better go down now. She's in a bad mood..." he faltered as he noticed his brother, Dan, crouching in a corner hugging his knees, ...view middle of the document...

Dan's world shattered. He swallowed a lump in his throat as he tried desperately to choke back the tears forming rapidly in his eyes. He turned and ran as fast as his could to the boys' toilet, locking himself in a cubicle. There, his legs seem to weaken suddenly and he collapsed in a heap onto the floor. The tears he had tried to hold back came rushing out in a torrent. No matter how hard he tried, Cindy's smile as she accepted Ken's confession would not disappear. It was as though it was etched into his mind, unable to erase forever. Dan's thoughts began to drift back..."Hello, I'm Cindy, your new neighbour. We moved in next door yesterday. Gosh, it was tired, having to carry all those things into the house! But it was fun..." Dan chuckled as he listened to Cindy chatting away non-stop excitedly. She had a sweet voice and was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. In addition, they were around the same age and she was going to enroll in the same school as him. "Hey, I'm bored. Do you want to go to the park to play?" Dan agreed and after getting permission from their parents, they ran as fast as they could to the park, hand-in-hand and both of them were delighted that they had someone to play with. From then onwards, they became the best of friends. Every morning, he waited for her before setting off to school; he tutored her in science while she helped him with his math homework. They were very close and not only did they got into the same secondary school, they even enrolled in the same university and got into the same class! Dan enjoyed every minute he spent with Cindy; she was always laughing no matter what happened and she did not have a temper. Everyone loved being around her.Dan's heart melted whenever he saw Cindy. He was very sure that she was the only one for him. Dan still walked her to school every morning, often accompanied by Ken as he lived near them too. But who would have thought...Dan's anger returned as he remembered Ken's betrayal. Ken had good looks and being a member of the basketball team, he worked out frequently at the gym and that gave him bulging muscles. His fitness and exceptionally good looks had every girl swooning around him. There was always a group of giggling girls behind him wherever he went, trying to grab his attention and hoping that he would notice them. Ken had all the girls he wanted, unlike Dan, who was skinny and weak since young, often falling ill. To make things worse, he had a bad case of acne. Dan had long ago accepted that the world was unfair but he was not prepared for this. How could Ken do this to him? He knew that Dan had a crush on Cindy since young and was planning to confess to her soon but Ken destroyed his life with his own hands. And to think that they had been friends for so many years! He already had so many girls around him; why must he choose Cindy? Cindy was his! Dan got madder and madder as he thought about Ken's betrayal. He was livid. Unable to contain the flames of anger within...

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