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Heaven (Poem) Essay

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It's been a long day And I know it's not the same way it used to be But I know that in your heart you're still in love with me so hold on.....I hate everything But the brightness that I see when I look in your eyes The nature that you're blessed with that keeps me alive .....just hang on Coz ...view middle of the document...

...Hold On.....Hold On...I had a plan to leave this hell and move away forever to indiana or wherever but things change.....Coz while im sleeping....I see your there with me and there's nowhere i'd rather be than here by your side Coz were young we're still leaning About the fire That keeps burning Every single time I look in your eyes It lets me know that You're the one....Hold On.....Hold On...Sometimes it gets a little rough to keep the faith when life gets tough But you're here with me and thats enough its not you, and its not its hold on........Coz were young we're still leaning About the fire That keeps burning Every single time I look in your eyes It lets me know that You're the one....Hold On.....Hold on Hold On......

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