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Case Write-Up: Heidi Roizen
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Thanyaa Navaneethan
Tuesday June 18, 2019
Heidi Roizen’s strengths of her network were shown as she penetrated Silicon Valley. She had the ability to leverage the relationships she created through her networks. These relationships not only benefited her own needs but others along the way. Roizen also understood the importance of establishing her own healthy guidelines to separate work and her personal life. Some think these boundaries were often crossed through Roizen’s constant dinner parties.
An attribution that contributed to her skill set and led to her success is networking. Ensuring she used this skill to its maximum potential, she constantly leveraged networking to create win-win situations for both herself and other external parties involved. The main downside of networking is the fact that it is extremely time-consuming. The case discusses how Roizen is often spammed with approximately 100 emails per day which she feels obligated to personally answer. Her obligation is based on the belief that it can maintain a prosperous relationship.
In Summary:
· She has the ability to maintain strong and long-lasting relationships
· Roizen is often the center in her own network and in other networks allowing her to have constant access to priority figures
· There is always a massive consistent flow of contacts entering her life which can be time consuming to personally deal with
Since Roizen devoted her time and energy into networking, she has developed guiding principles to help her maintain/develop stability. Firstly, you must have access to people (the center of multiple networks) which can only be done over time. To ensure that it is done effectively, you must be consistent during and after each interaction with prospective contacts. Roizen’s philosophy is that efficiently maintaining relationships allow for higher levels of interactions that can happen with less frequency. Her time at Apple allowed her to adopt another principle which focused on confidentiality and objectivity with competitors. Throughout the case, Roizen did not state outright that trust was necessary, yet her associates seemed to willingly trust her intentions. Further leading to the development of her principle of reciprocity. She values reciprocity because it allows her to evaluate if a situation...


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