Help Save Millions Of Native Americans Have Right And Their Land Back English Vista Grande Assignment

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Tristan Natani
Miss Foster
English 10 – 4th
10 January 2018
Business Letter
1. Decide on a cause that you’re interested in.
2. Research your cause and take notes on what you learned under the pre-writing section.
3. Determine the most appropriate audience for your letter.
4. Get your pre-writing approved by Miss Foster.
5. Use the attached template to compose your letter.
6. Submit this document on Blackboard (Units – Dramatic Justice – Business Letter).
Part I: Prewriting
What cause did you choose?
Native American rights
What is your cause all about?
The native American rights brought legal suits against the states that have taken Indian land and abolished Indian hunting, fishing, and water rights.
Who is involved?
The American Indian Movement (AIM)
Who is the recipient of your letter?
The president
What do you want from the recipient of your letter?
Is to respect and treat native Americans the same way as others.
Part II: Letter
Edit the template below by replacing the red directions with your specific information. Remember the types of persuasion:
Ethos: Showing that you’re someone worth trusting. What makes you qualified to talk about this topic?
Pathos: Using emotions to make the reader feel a certain way. How do you want them to feel?
Logos: Using facts or evidence to prove your point....

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