Helping An Individual Develop Self Control Behavior Analysis Research Paper

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Helping an Individual to Develop Self-Control
Stephanie Landry
Oakland University
Intro to Applied Behavior Anaylsis
PSY 3440
Paul Bernstein
May 16, 2018
Helping an Individual to Develop Self-Control
There are two causes of self-control problems; either a problem of behavioral excesses or a problem of behavioral deficits. There are three reasons why each problem could cause self-control problems. Behavioral excesses are behaviors that are done too much or occur too often. Immediate reinforcers versus delay punishers, immediate reinforcers versus cumulatively significant punishers, and immediate reinforcers versus delayed reinforcers for alternative desirable behavior are all behavioral excesses. Behavioral deficits are behaviors that occurs too little or nonexistent. Immediate small punisher for versus cumulatively significant reinforcers, immediate small punisher versus immediate but improbable major punisher, and immediate small punisher versus delayed major punisher are all behavioral deficits (Martin & Pear, 2015, p. 257).
An example of a behavioral excess of immediate reinforcers versus cumulatively significant punisher for a behavior would be an addiction such as smoking, alcohol, or drugs. These behaviors at first would give a person a satisfaction feeling immediately after performing the behavior but could cause cumulative significant punishers such as cancer, liver problems, or death (Martin & Pear, 2015, p. 257).
An example of a behavioral deficit of immediate small punishers for behavior versus cumulatively significant reinforcers is exercise. Exercise can have small punishers such as being time consuming, tiring or even stressful immediately at the start, end, or throughout the behavior. However, exercise can have cumulatively significant reinforcers such as good health, weight-loss, or overall well-being (Martin & Pear, 2015, p. 257).
To deal with the causes of self-control problem, an effective model of self-control must be in place to satisfactorily correlate with the problem or problems (Martin & Pear, 2015, p. 258). According to Martin and Pear, “a behavioral model of self-control is a statement that self-control occurs when an individual behaves in some way that arranges the environment to manage his or her subsequent behavior”. In the following paragraphs are five steps in a self-control program that can be implemented for effective results.
The first step is to specify the problem and set goals. To begin, start by writing out a goal. Next, make a list of what could be done or should be done to complete that goal. Following the list, an evaluation of what defines the completion of that goal. Finally, if a goal is a product of behavior, make a second list of specific behaviors that will help towards the completion of the goal and their products. It...


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