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Helping Others Improve Their Self Image

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How we see ourselves, how we think of ourselves in relation to the rest ofsociety, what our image is of an "ideal self", and what we feel we deserve from others,are all part of what we call self-concept. Self-concept is a mental picture of your self, a collection of beliefs about someone's own nature, unique qualities of yourself and typical behaviors. We gain self-concept feedback in many ways including, the level of control we are allowed to have over others, the control others exert over our lives, praise, blame, encouragement, and support received from others. (Woods pg. 62)Surprisingly, low self-esteem is a common problem for people who areaggressive, also known as vultures. (Wood ...view middle of the document...

Uppers are people who bring positive feelings when they come around you; they are people who see the positive and good things about you. Unlike uppers, downers tend to bring down your self-concept, and they communicate negatively about you. They call attention to your flaws and emphasize your problems. (Wood pg. 66)I have decided to try influencing my friend's self-concept. I known this friend for about a year or so from school, and I have never actually noticed a low self esteem from him, until just recently.Observations that I noticed something was wrong.* People don't like me.* Know one wants to do anything with me, ever.* They don't like the way I do things at work.* I feel down.* I would rather stay home. (On Friday night).* No one trusts me.* He blames himself a lot.* Tired ("Everything is an effort").* Socially withdrawn (Sometimes).* Mood swings.* Says he will never become anything.My Supportive plan.* Next time I am with him, when the time is right I will tell him he is one of the coolest people I know.* When I ask a question about something he knows a lot about, and he answers it , I will say "I appreciated you explaining that to me".* Ask him if he wants to do something on Friday night.* Tell him that he made an excellent choice, when bought his new car.* Ask him if he wants to study for a test, and say because "I think we will do well on the test if we study together".* Ask him if wants to go on a road trip, and explain to him how much fun it would be, and all the things we will see and do.* Make him realize that you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it, and give him examples.* Take him out to eat when he is broke and pay for it. Tell him, don't worry about it, what are friends for.* Invite him over to my house.Positive...

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