HHS Privacy Policy: Personal Health Information - Health Science- UWO - Assignment

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What is meant by the term “personal health information”?
In general terms, personal health information is any information in oral or recorded form that can be used to identify a specific individual.
What information does the hospital collect?
HHS collects both personal health information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone number and Health Card Number.
Information relating to previous health issues, treatment plans and history of hospital visits are also collected.
Why does the hospital need this information?
We use and disclose your PHI to:
• Treat and care for you
• Get payment for treatment and care from OHIP,WSIB
• Plan, administer and manage our internal operations
• Conduct risk management activities
• Conduct quality improvement activities
• Compile statistics
• Fundraise to improve our health care service and programs
• Conduct research
• Teach
• Notify a representative of a religious affiliation
• Conduct patient satisfaction surveys
• Memorial services
• Confirm that you are patient, your general health status
• Notify you of an appointment, a change to your appointment or cancellation 
• HHS shares personal health information (PHI) on their pediatric patients (under 18 years of age) with the Electronic Child Network (eCHIN) which is a non-profit, government funded organization dedicated to managing pediatric medical records from many different health care institutions into one cohesive secure medical record, that will enhance the care of our pediatric population in Ontario.
• The federal and provincial governments have established a goal of providing Canadians with an electronic health record. This will improve patient safety, reduce wait times, avoid duplicate testing and enhance timely access to your health information by your healthcare provider. As these systems become established your Hamilton Health Sciences information will be stored securely on shared health information databases, accessible only by your authorized healthcare provider.
How does the hospital protect my information?
There are three components to protecting your PHI at HHS, these include:
Administrative Safeguards
• The HHS Privacy Policy mandates all care providers and other employees in how to manage patient information.
• All HHS employees must sign a Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of employment.
Physical Safeguards
• HHS has several physical safeguards in place including the requirement of all staff to wear staff identification badges in addition to the practice of secure and safe handling of all patient related information.
Technical Safeguards
• There are several layers of security within HHS including the use of passwords, encryption software, firewalls and limited access to information based on staff needs to carry out duties and responsibilities to protect information from unauthorized access and or use.
Does the hospital share my information with anyone?
HHS may share some or all your information with:
• Health care providers...

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