High School Should Make Uniform Mandatory Grade 12 Assignment Essay

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High schools should enforce making uniforms mandatory to develop student improvement, represents school in an exceptional way and prepares students for the work world.
Uniforms should be compulsory because they intend to lead students to become the improved version of themselves. Firstly, uniforms create a sense of equality and prevents students to feel left out or underprivileged. The rich students would wear experience expensive clothes to school and distract the others who could not buy the same type of clothing. A school is a place where students come to study, not to show their wealth. Also, mandatory dress codes prepare students to get better grades. When students wear uniforms, they would no longer have to stress about what to wear every day. This would translate to less worry and better grades. Lastly, uniforms can improve punctuality. Students can get ready in the morning quickly and lessen the chances of missing school. For example, they don't have to worry about matching their top with their jeans. Thus, dress codes would overall intend to mold students into becoming more improved.
Also, a mandatory dress code would represent the school in an exceptional way. Firstly, many think that school uniforms help maintain school discipline. Children invariably tease those who do not have trendy clothing and dress codes would reduce the chances of bullying. Additionally, it has a positive impact on school environment by promoting the idea that everyone is equal. Students get to have a better understanding of themselves and are advocated in the idea that their commonalities with each other are more important rather than the differences. Lastly, school uniforms can save valuable class time. A good portion of this valuable time can be saved if schools have a strict uniform policy. The people in charge would not have to worry about checking each and every student of what he or she is wearing and whether it is acceptable or not. Therefore, uniforms could enhance the school's image.
However, dress codes prepare students for the work world. In addition, Students need to get used to not being allowed to wear what they want on weekdays. When they go to a job interview or even to a job, dress codes are mandatory. Also, they promote a business-like setting by creating a professional atmosphere. Uniforms intend to make students seem professional and would help them to look their best each day. Lastly, the uniforms would embellish the student's image. When students are required to dress up daily in a uniform, they are learning to abide policies and get used to being in an environment guided by rules and principles. Thus, students would learn to adapt to the work world with an everyday dress code.
Overall, high schools should consider making uniforms mandatory to increase improvement in a student's life, represent the school in an exceptional way and prepare students for the work world.


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