Highly Intelligent People Helping Other People Culture Writibg Eng 101 Essay

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Veronica Cardenas
Prof Ramos
Eng. 1A
April 15,2019
Highly Intelligent People Healing Other People
Hip hop is an art, a genre, a fashion, an attitude, a mentality, more than just music.
Regardless of how we look at hip hop / rap music in the present age, one thing is certain that the acceptance of rap hip hop music has greatly affected the genre of music. Hip hop / Rap is an evolving culture accepted by many of its musical influences constantly changing. Hip Hop / Rap is loved and enjoyed by various music genres, seen and shared on different social media such as radio, commercials, films and fashion. Hip-hop is more that just an art, a culture, a mentality a way to self-express people’s poetry and messages.
Hip hop was born in the ghettos of New York City and the music could be classified as upbeat party music that discussed of having fun and enjoying life and popularity. Common lyrics included dancing skills and being able to rhyme well, besides being able to entertain crowds of fans like: “ now what you hear is not a test , I’m a rapping to the beat and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet” sung by Grand Master Flash in “( Rappers Delight). When comparing the lyrics of today than that of 30 years ago an artist direct expression of daily life changed.
Old-school Hip-Hop artist were famous poets with racism in their lyrics and messages that express wanting equal rights and expressing freedom for black people and minorities. It had become a movement that reflected urban lifestyles the extreme social realities.
The more popular hip hop grew the more controversial it became. The changes have come along way with other impacts. There are several things that are affiliated with rap music. A
“The Message” by Sugar Hill was one of the first artist to lyrically express how life in the ghetto was so frustrating stressful surrounded by violence the pressures of that lifestyle and how it affected the everyday man. “Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not too lose my head, its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.
By now 1983 Run Dmc was known to make songs to rock beats with hip-hop drums Then the first group to have a female rapper in the group came “Funky 4 Plus” This was not even the beginning of how hip-hop was embraced in the hip hop world.” Kurtis Blow” was the first rapper to commercialize sprite. “Now More Than Ever” first soda company to greet rappers with open arms. Run DMC were one of the founding fathers of why Hip hop and what it is today.
They were the first rappers to be on the “Rolling Stones Magazine,” First video aired on “MTV”, First hip hop to be nominated for a hip-hop Grammy. Walk This Way: Run DMC, Aerosmith, was the song that Changed American Music Forever. The video showed both bands practicing separately and frustrated each other with each other's disruptions. The video wall shows barrier between the various genres, and how they clash. Aerosmith ends up...

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