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MUS 360 Exam 2 Review Guide: Materials from 10/15 through 10/31
The Golden Daisy Age of Sampling and the Native Tongues Afrocentric Hippie Vibes
1. Why was 1986-1992 considered the golden age when it comes to sampling music to make hip hop music (it had a lot to do with the fact that there was economic and thus creative freedom to sample without the fear of being sued)?
2. In general, what is collage (hint: you take a piece of A, mix it with B and the meaning/feeling/texture/etc. equals C)?
3. Just think about “So, the consumers have become producers, and this has taken a lot of power away from the record companies” (Jeff Chang on sampling in McLeod and Dicola (2011)). What does this matter, especially when you consider the question above?
4. In general, how was creativity measured in the golden age of sampling, and how did music by the Native Tongues exemplify this value?
5. Be able to define and apply: looping, chopping, and flipping.
6. What is diggin' in the crates? Why is it important (think about DJs having records other DJs don't have and their brand/rep, being able to use samples other producers don't have, competition for status of being the illest digger, getting records for cheap and rare records for cheap, etc.). Is diggin the same as going to a record store or buying online?
7. Be familiar with the lyrical aesthetics (topics, themes, etc) and musical aesthetics (largely choice of samples and breaks in general) of the Native Tongues. Why was this so influential on hip hop music in the later 1980s and early 90s? For example, the Jungle Brother brought fun/positive/concsious lyrics, funky and different sample sources, and moved the style from the chains and Adidas to wood beads, medallions, and dashikis.
8. What were the Jungle Brothers known for sonically/stylistically (see above), and thus why would the sample material in “U Make Me Sweat” be important (hint: while they were not the first to sample “Dance Floor” they were the first the loop the main part and popularize it)?
9. What does D.A.I.S.Y. Age mean?
10. What is the theme in of “Buddy” and what does “Buddy” mean? Given this, in the lyrics of the song what does Jenifa and Jimmy mean?
11. What is the underlying meaning of and power of Monie Love's verse on “Buddy”? (hint, she is reflecting on herself as a sexual subject with sexual agency; quite different than how many artists (largely from the gangsta rap genre) treated female sexuality).
12. What member of A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ) produced most of its music? What are some of the common themes in the groups songs (have some familiarity with the subject matter of some of the songs we listened to)?
13. What ATCQ songs use call and response that I list specifically? And, what is call and response in music?
14. What is rule #4080? And, why would Q-Tip say “Rap is not pop, if you call it that then stop”?
15. What is the lyrical subject of ATCQ's “Award Tour” and how is it self reflexive? In this context what does Q-Tip mean with...

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