Historical Transition From Feudalism To The Modern Day Humber/War And Terrorism Essay

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Q: Critically discuss the historical transition from Feudalism to the modern day, including references to the renaissance, the Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution. Explain at least three ways in which the global landscape has changed or was different by the end of the early modern era.
Feudalism was a type of government that preceded before our modern system. During this period the most powerful persons are the Kings, which is considered the Gods in this era.
During the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries new things were discovered bringing political and philosophical options in European culture. A lot of people discovered new things and gained knowledge during this period. Arts like paintings and sculpture were also made during this period. This was a huge event that brings new knowledge to the modern era and it is called the Renaissance.
Another changes that links to the modern era was the Reformation, it was initiated by Martin Luther to challenge, change and improve the Roman Catholic church. Luther instructed that salvation is an unconditional present of God and got just through evident confidence in Jesus as savior from wrongdoing. This event occurred during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
The final event that made a huge changes to the early modern era is the Scientific Revolution. A lot of new and important discoveries were found during this period. Scientists found new theories and new rules were developed. This event made people know more about the world and the place they l...


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