History 5 Questions About The Reading University Of Pretoria Assignment

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Nompilenhle Mazeka
Due date: 27 February 2019
5 questions about the reading
1. How does the departmental norms shape the attitude of teachers towards their subject and how does it shape the perceptions of learners?
2. “American academic Linda McNeil found that teachers omit, mystify and water down knowledge in response to students’ social class and ethnicity. It seems that the distance between teachers’ and students’ sociocultural backgrounds influences decision-making about what and how to teach” (Camel& Taylor, 2003: 162)
> With regards to this statement, how can it be possible for a teacher to decide on what and how to teach history in a way that will accommodate every learner in a classroom that come from different sociocultural backgrounds?
3. What are the things that are required for a professional growth of a history teacher?
4. What are the resources needed to teach history?
5. what determines the effective history teaching?
5 issues from the reading
1. “The message that emerges from these studies is clear. Good history teaching entails more than knowing about subject matter, subject-specific pedagogy and students. It requires teachers to address workplace circumstances that inhibit innovation, limit professional learning opportunities and constrain the development of supportive work environments” (Camel& Taylor, 2003: 158) I agree with this statement.
2. “Similar students learning the same content from different teachers often encounter wildly divergent learning experiences” (Camel& Taylor, 2003: 161). I agree with this statement.
3. “In support of this position, recent educational research from the US suggests that effective subject learning occurs when teachers, historians and other educators meet and ‘talk’ about disciplinary knowledge and concerns. T...


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