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Freedom Rides Assignment
Aborigines and the Blacks in America were treated with disrespect and as outcasts. Life for the Aborigines and the Blacks were tough but during the time of the “Freedom Rides” everything started to change
The reason that this started in Australia was because there was a barrier between the Whites and the Aborigines. Such as, health, education and housing but mainly the discrimination against the Aborigines. In America, the “Freedom Ride” mainly because of the separation of the Blacks and whites on the buses where blacks had to sit in certain spots, could not do certain things and was treated with disrespect in which the whites could take their seat whenever they wanted to. So basically, had power over the blacks.
The “Freedom Rides” in Australia was mainly achieved by the public media all throughout Australia and also outside Australia such as the ‘SAFA’ (Student Action for Aborigines) in which was a group of students who rode a bus throughout the western and the coastal parts of New South Wales to get public attention to realise the discrimination and separation between the Aborigines and the Whites in both Australia. The “Freedom Ride” in America, it was achieved by riding a bus through Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, where most of the discrimination tool place and spread the awareness to the public about the discrimination and separation between the blacks and the whites.
The main person who was involved in the “Freedom Rights” in Australia was Charles Perkins, the president of SAFA. He was also joined by Ann Curthoys who wrote down the events that happened, Jim Spigelman who became the Chief Justice of the Supreme court in New South Wales and lastly, Darce Cassidy who was a reporter for the ABC. There were 13 “Freedom Riders” in America, 7 Africa Americans and 6 Whites. One of the main “Freedom Riders”, John Lewis was elected to be in the House of Representatives in the U.S.
During the bus ride through the different States and Towns of Australia, there was lots of racial discrimination going, which was witnessed by the “Freedom Riders”. In Wellington, they noticed that aborigines were not allowed in pubs without being with white people and also that they could ...


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