History: French Revolution: Social And Economic Causes For French Revolution

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A. The king-1789 Loius XVI-Married to Marie Antoinette (Austria)-Lived in luxury at palace of Versailles-Believed in the "Divine right" of kings (g-d had put him on this earth as his representative on the throne)-Only G-d could remove him from the throne. The people could not remove him. In theory he ruled as absolute power (absolute Monarch) - monarchy in which kings power is unlimited.- Legislative - the Estate General(Parliament) had not met since 1614 - lit de justice - overule the Parliament-Judicial - lettre de cachet (a letter that could put a person into prison without a trial-Executive - unlimited executiveB. Clergy - first estate-Upper clergy-Lower clergyUpper clergy-e.g. Archbishops, AbbotsMany churchman - took position for advantages-85% of Church's income used by them-Owned and rented ...view middle of the document...

Highest Position in army and navy but incompetent and not qualified for these positions.iii)Nobles of the Robe-Created in 17th Century-Role was to be loyal to the King-Nobles could purchase their positionsE.g. Judges in Parliaments of FranceTherefore Nobles had certain privileges-Exempt from paying taxes-Death sentence did not apply to nobles-Corporal punishment did not apply-Did not have to do military service-Got top positions - not qualified-Right to impose heavy dues on peasantsN.B. Nobles content but grievance that they had no political power.Economic CausesBy mid 1780's France was bankruptWhy?1)Expensive wars - France wanted to extend military domination over Europe therefore fought wars against Austria, Britain and the American war of independence, which left France in heavy debt. To survive France had to borrow money and therefore had to raise loans.2)Extravagance of French court - Especially Marie Antoinette (e.g., buying 100 dresses a year)3)Bad trading conditions - prevented economic progress - internal trade barriers (Octois) prevented expansion and trade4) Revocation of edict of Nantes - ( Hugvends lived in walled cities to protect them from the Catholics) This revocation of freedom of religion led to exodus of thousands of hugvenots (Protestants) and this prevented growth of industry in France.5)Weak financial System: tax exemption-Those who could pay did not therefore France deprived of income.-Tax Collection - Tax collectors corrupt and often pocketed parts of taxes. They made huge profits but country deprived of income


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553 words - 3 pages citizens of France. The declaration is a major symbol of the revolution because it was one of the first constitutions to be implemented by the revolutionary government. It summed up their beliefs and what they wanted the people in France to live like. The declaration shows nationalism because it contained the ideas and changes that the people were fighting for. It also represents pride in a nation because they managed to implement it. It created a

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458 words - 2 pages both a number of differences, and somesimilarities. The French Revolution was a bloody, violent war, whilethe American Revolution, for the most part, was not very violent.Though there were differences in these revolutions, both wereimportant events in world history.

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1289 words - 6 pages Causes of the French Revolution DBQ Name: Per: Historical Context The French Revolution of 1789 had many long-range causes. Political, social, and economic conditions in France contributed to the discontent (unhappiness) felt by many French people-especially those of the Third Estate. The ideas of the philosophers of the Enlightenment brought new ideas about the role of government and powers guaranteed to citizens. Finally, the American

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1201 words - 5 pages social, political and economical causes of the french revolution. The american war of independence and the ideas from the philosophers at the time, led the citizens in France to, for the first time, question their views and opinions on the social system in France. The social conditions in France were both unequal and exploitative. In France the people were divided into three estates, the clergy and the nobility formed the first two estates and

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598 words - 3 pages they do not have the flexibility America does and they aided them battle for. Thus, the French begun planning their very own revolution. The individuals who planned it have been the wealthy individuals among the Americans. These were the Capitalist Middle Class. Additionally, America did not have some near neighbors, consequently they did not have the risk of being assaulted by various other nations attempting invade them using the weakness of

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934 words - 4 pages crisis in France to develop into a revolution.The most important aspect of all the causes of the revolution was the dissatisfaction of the people towards their monarch and the existing political system in the years leading up to 1789. The revolution occurred to change absolute monarchy for the better, replacing it with a more suitable political system. The financial crisis led to the public's discontent, as did King Louis XVI's incompetence to rule and reluctance to compromise the absolute monarchy. The Enlightenment played a minor role in creating demand for the King's deposition; nevertheless it provided revolutionaries with .support and guidance

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2031 words - 9 pages History’- 2005) “The French Revolution qualitatively transformed all aspects of human culture, for better or for worse. The institutional ideological changes wrought in French society by the Revolution and its aftermath shaped the subsequent course of modern thought everywhere. The essential underlying factor, as the Hessen thesis maintains, was the victory of humanity, which the Revolution consolidated. The new social order spread to Europe and

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485 words - 2 pages Free events that happened during the American Revolution war. The French Revolution was a major event that happened in modern European history. The French Revolution started in France because King Louis XVI needed money and his financial crisis led to the beginning of the French Revolution. There are so many causes to the French Revolution War. For instance, here are some really big events that had happened. Meeting of the Estates General, Fall of the

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862 words - 4 pages Claudine Dareus Dr. Bruce Farcau DIPLOMACY INR 4030 FIRST TEST Prompt One: Discuss how the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars altered the nature of European international relations. How did both contribute to the development of the nation-state concept? The Treaty of Westphalia set the tone for international affairs between European countries by recognizing that each sovereign nation is positioned as the sole authority within its

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672 words - 3 pages the Revolution. The guillotine was also an effective weapon of terror during the French Revolution. Beheadings were public spectacles watched by thousands of men, women, and children, comprised from every social status and rank. Crowds watched as each victim was slowly brought to the scaffold in a tumbril, or cart. Often, victims gave statements and were judged on how they comported themselves up until the executions. The public beheadings were

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1427 words - 6 pages Free in early 20th century Mexico. The education was put on by the Porfiriato which allowed for him to influence what the next generation thought about his reign over Mexico. 2. Why would more education be a demand of the Mexican Revolution? - Because more education allows for more socio-economic mobility and more opportunity within society and those were goals of many oppressed classes. D. Roman Catholic Church Influence – 1. How influential was the

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547 words - 3 pages Although the colonists' lives changed significantly in many ways after the American Revolution, the economic, political, and social conversions are viewed to be the most dramatic. The American Revolution was the war between the American colonies and Great Britain from 1775-1783 . Most consider this war not to be a nationalist revolution, in which the aim of the revolutionaries was to overturn the existing system, but rather to set up the North

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2565 words - 11 pages Free 1390456 Courtney Cocker-Valu Economic History The eighteenth century is often described as the Age of Enlightenment. Europe was experiencing a period of social, political and intellectual spawning. This title refers to Europe because it was put into effect on a broad scale by several ideas from the previous 100 years. Prior to the Industrial revolution, basic capitalism existed in Europe in forms of contracts, wealth accumulation or private

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888 words - 4 pages they know what rules and laws should be put into place. Economic, geographic, and political factors were the most commonly known causes of war erupting. Events such as The Boston Massacre, Currency Act of 1764, The Stamp Act of 1765, and the Boston Tea Party also take into the effect of the revolution. So what went wrong? Why did the colonial people disagree with Britains treatment and policies? Geographically the colonists were separated from

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1637 words - 7 pages Evaluate the extent to which the National Socialist revolution 1933-1939 impacted German social and cultural life The Nazi regime saw the start of a revolution that would change German society and culture. Hitler’s rise to and control of government had a significant effect on social and cultural life in the period of 1933-1939. Given the tyrannical nature of the Nazi regime, many aspects were purposely impacted specifically women, youth