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History Lesson Plan Key Stage 1

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Subject: History Date: 15/5/06Topic: Susan Rees: A Pit GirlNo. of pupils: 10Duration: 50 minutes Age: 6/7Learning Outcomes- Diary style writing- sequence a story in History- listen carefully to a story- learn aspects of a book (author, illustrator)National Curriculum References1.1 - sequence events1.2 - use common phrases relating to passing of time ...view middle of the document...

Introduction (25minutes)Ask aboutAuthor, illustrator, what they doAsk about title, the letters on the titleAsk pupils to describe the cover"How does it feel?""Does the girl look happy?""What can you see in the picture?"Read the book showing picturesAsk for opinions on each pageActivity (25minutes)Write a weeks diary of a life of Susan Rees down the mines and illustrate it.Differentiation2 separate worksheets of different ability for each level.ExtensionChoose a day in Susan's week and draw a picture of her day with a sentence underneath to describe it.AssessmentLook for:-- correct sequence of events- understanding of the story in detail- relating to welsh cultures- spelling punctuation and grammarEvidence - worksheet of Susan's Diary

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