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Johanna Ramos
History Research Paper
November 30, 2017
US History II 106-01
How 9/11 Impacted Our Population
History is the study of past events. Within history many major events have occurred that has change the equilibrium we know of today. If we look back as recent as the events of September 11, 2001 we can speculate that many bodies of government, personal ethical issues and dynamic peace we lost within our economy and everyday lives. Many things took an impact either directly or indirectly. Many factors that contributed that changed the way we view or progress within our economy is the continuation of ongoing wars, airport surveillance, immigration, general surveillance, portrayal of Muslims in America, recession, debt crisis, and the general consolidation of the American people. By considering these major points, we can view and see that we are products of history, we are also the reciprocators of making sure that the history is not lost, and information gained from the horrendous events of September 11, 2001 won’t be stopped but more so tamed.
Unfortunately, America went to war right after and the life of Americans changed forever. Many factors that contributed that changed our economy is the continuation of ongoing wars. Weeks after the 9/11 attack the United States President announced war with al-Qaida on September 20, 2001 during a speech. This War on Terror included Afghanistan and Iraq. War on terrorism had congress fund the War in Iraq with $36.7 billion in emergency funds in the first year. This invasion was the official war on terror of America with President George W. Bush at the helm. With Bush’s two terms in office the cost on the War was $1.164 trillion. After Bush left the office Obama who also served two terms in office spent $807 billion, in the other hand with the current President in office Trump, which only has spent $156 billion.
In addition, immigration and deportation instances arose due to the events post 9a1. Within the Bush administration the Department of Homeland security was created post 9a1 and then contributed to a high volume of deportations among the United States. Statistics that were posted after the events of 9a1 an average of 200,000 deportations annually were reported between the times of 1999 to 2001. Deportations and for criminals and lawbreakers doubled in the United States of America. Under the Secure Communities program people could also be convicted and be deported for a simple minor offense like not using your turn signal while driving. It seemed unfair to the people because deportation caused many families to separate but to the United States it seemed like a logical way to protect us from another terrorist attack like 9/11.
Another program established due to 9a1 was the Secure Communities program which enabled law enforcement the power to check for documentation of illegal aliens with profiling junctures. This program however was null and voided in 2014. In its essence deportation of...

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