Holden's Struggle With Socializing - Class - Outline

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The Catcher in the Rye- by J.D. Salinger Essay Guidelines
DIRECTIONS: You will be writing a 5-paragraph essay in MLA format that focuses on the
following question: What does Holden struggle with, and how does that affect his life? You must
use textual examples from all three sections of the book that was read (in other words, all textual
examples cannot be from just one section). Follow the guidelines below to help format your
NOTE: A rough draft essay MUST be turned-in before a final draft essay can be submitted. If a
rough draft essay is not submitted, the final draft essay will result in an automatic grade of 0(No
Rough draft- must be printed, turned-in, and submitted on turnitin.com
Final draft- must be printed, turned-in, and submitted on turnitin.com
Introduction Paragraph: (Minimum half page)
• Step 1= Attention-Getter/Hook: Start with an interesting statement, story, analogy, a
quote etc. that grabs your reader’s interest. DO NOT start your essay with a question.
• Step 2= Background Information: Write a brief summary about the book. Be sure to
include the title of the book, and author, in this section.
• Step 3= Extended Thesis Statement: This is a statement of the points you are trying to
prove. This sentence tells the reader what the whole paper is about. You may use the
extended thesis given in class (if needed).
Body Paragraphs: (Minimum 8 sentences in each paragraph)
Note: You must have a total of 3 paragraphs here. Each Point is 1 paragraph. Each
paragraph should have at least 1 textual example (LA9) from each section of reading. Pre-
AP must have 2 textual examples from each section of reading.
Body Paragraph 1= First struggle of Holden’s
Body Paragraph 2= Second struggle of Holden’s
Body Paragraph 3= Third struggle of Holden’s
• Step 1= Topic Sentence: Introduce the subtopic (specific point you are discussing). This
sentence lets the reader know the main idea of the paragraph.
• Step 2=Textual Example/Quote: Use a specific textual example from the book that
supports your specific struggle of Holden’s. Follow the steps for textual examples/quotes
(need a transition word/phrase+lead-up+quote+citation). All textual examples/quotes
need to be in chronological order.
• Step 3= Commentary: Write a minimum of 2 sentences that explains how Holden’s
struggle affects his life. DO NOT summarize the novel or explain what the quote says.
You need to analyze your thinking/opinions here.
• Step 4= Repeat steps 2 and 3 (Pre-AP only) (Optional for LA9)
Conclusion Paragraph: (Minimum 5 sentences)
• Step 1= Rephrase the Extended Thesis Statement: Make sure to rephrase it; do not
just recopy your original extended thesis statement.
• Step 2= Final Words: Give s...

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