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The book "Holes" by Louis Sachar, is a smart jigsaw puzzle like novel in which tells the story of Stanley Yelnats a young teenage boy, who happened to be under a curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather. Stanley was arrested and sent to a recreation camp called Camp Green Lake, where he was made to dig a hole everyday day after scorching day In the hot dried out lake bed, “you’re digging to build character”, from page 29, is a good example of there philosophy at Camp Green Lake. Throughout the days in Camp Green Lake, he was able to discover the real history of his fami ...view middle of the document...

However, during his time at Camp green lake he begins to value himself, he made friends, he lost weight, and broke the curse held over his descendants for all and eternity. The one friend Stanley made was a young boy named ‘zero’, hector zeroni, who Stanley taught to read and wright, and cairs for him on gods thumb.Camp Green Lake with Stanley and Hector is an exciting experience, I personally forgot I was reading the story and found myself in the middle of it, it even seemed impossible at times to think I was reading the story. Stanly uncovered important information which put everyone in dread changed his life. He found a suit case, precisely the reason they were put to dig a hole every day. In the suitcase he found together with hector, there were valuable papers and jewelry, altogether was worth about 2 million dollars, which was shared evenly between Stanley and hector. Stanley and his family had enough money to move into a new house and Zero hired a team of private investigators which enabled him to find his lost mother. After all the obstacles, I guess that's just what they both deserved. "You will have to fill in the holes yourself," from page 231. The author is trying to tell us that we have the responsibility to try to undo every single mistake we have made. In conclusion I enjoyed reading the adventures in this book even though the ending seems a bit unrealistic. I think Louis Sachar should be congratulated for righting such a thrilling novel.Reference: SACHAR, Louis. "Holes"


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1098 words - 5 pages , it does have its boundry. This boundry is called the "event horizon". This event horizon is the point where the black hole's gravitational pull begins. Once you cross the event horizon, there is no turning back. As stated before, the escape velocity of a black hole exceeds the speed of light, and since going faster than the speed of light is impossible, so is escaping a black hole's gravitational pull. This explains why all the black holes do not

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377 words - 2 pages Book Report-Holes Plot SummaryHoles by Louis Sachar was a fun and exciting book to read. It was packed with suspense, action and humor and I couldn't put it down until I had read the last page. Holes was about a boy names Stanley Yelnats who was sent to Camp Green Lake (a boot camp) where you had to dig a hole everyday while you were there five feet deep and five feet wide. Right now you're probably wondering why did Stanley have to go to Camp

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838 words - 4 pages 1 Caitlyn Davis Prof. Jacobowitz ENGL 102 18 Dec 2018 ​My Special Object When I was born I was given a blanket, a white blanket with red threading throughout the whole thing. One special thing about the blanket is that it has been passed down from my mother to my uncle and meant to me. I have had this blanket for 19 years and it is almost unrecognizable because almost all the red has gone away and there are a bunch of tears and holes. The

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250 words - 1 page choice, Camp Green Lake. He took the bus to Texas (Where it was.) So, he thought he would be in a place with a lake. Guess again, it was a desert and very hot there and also only two trees! It doesn't seem that great now. Mr. Pendanski was the first person he met there. He was the tent counsulor. HTey didn't sleep in a house, they slep in a tent. Now he's sleeping in a bed that used to belong to Barfbag. See how his adventure goes and read the book by Louis Sachar called HOLES! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Even though it is a very long book with 50 chapters, it is very addictive and you'll never want to put it down.

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275 words - 2 pages , puncturing each sac with tiny holes. When the tiny pale-green spiderlings hatch, they disperse by ballooning to another suitable nest site. Females mature on average in about four months. The smaller male matures on average in about 90 days. Females may live for two to three years, whereas males only live for about six or seven months.Redback bites occur frequently, particularly over the summer months. More than 250 cases receive antivenom each

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1275 words - 6 pages ; (d) near pulsars. 6. Black holes result from stars having initial masses (a) less than the mass of the SW1; (b) between I and 2 times the mass of the Sun; (e) up to 8 times the mass of the Sun; (d) more than 25 times the mass ofthe Sun. 7. If the Sun were magically to turn into a black hole of the same mass, (a) Earth would start to spiral inward; (b) Earth's orbit would remain unchanged; (cl Earth would fly off into space; (d) Earth would be tom

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325 words - 2 pages the early 1800's of Machine that could be programmed."Joseph Jacquard developed a loon for weaving cloth whose operation was controlled bymeans of card with holes punched in them. In 1886, Hollerith improved on Jacquard's punched card by developing a card that could be used by electrical rather than mechanical equipment. The Hollerith (or IBM) card is still very mush In use."In 1944 engineers from IBM and Howard Aiken of Harvard University developed a machine called the Mark.1This 50 foot-long and 8-foot high machine was able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and refer to data tables using punched cards.ComputersAmazing FactsTechnology Has ComA Long Way


333 words - 2 pages cares? It's a game! Ask questions later and play now! But this is one of my favorite peaks.In peak 2, you'll find out that things get tougher in the game. This peak is nothing like peak 1. Here, there are more rocks and jumps and giant holes in the ground you can fall right into. This is not an easy peak.Last but not least, Peak 3. I'll just be short, sweet, and to the point. It's hard. You won't beat it right away. But it's probably the most fun

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788 words - 4 pages the center.   TEACHING POINT 4:​ Make solar stills    TIME: 25 min  INTRODUCTION    When we conduct this part if my lesson I want to make sure everyone is very careful while digging  their holes.  Resources:  Clear plastic bags  Cup  shovels  BODY:     1. Dig hole [36 by 18]   2. Place cup in center of the hole making sure it's secure.  3. Secure the edges with dirt or rocks that are near you.  4. Place the stone in the center and then leave the

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415 words - 2 pages diffusion from an area where there is more of it to an area where there is a less of it. This results in the movement of water from a dilute (less concentrated) solution to a stronger (more concentrated) solution. It is the way water enters and leaves a cell. Osmosis is a special case of the diffusion of water. Osmosis occurs when water diffuses across a semi permeable membrane. Semi-permeable membranes will let small molecules pass through it easily, but will hold back larger molecules like sucrose's. It acts as if it has tiny holes in it, too small for the larger molecules to squeeze through.

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459 words - 2 pages Over the years, I've watched him grow. Through the baby stages to death. I've seen the struggles, the joy, the despair. It was all clear. He never gave a thought, that he wasn't alone in his room. He was never alone, I was there. I was there in the walls, the dirty carpet he refused to clean, in the posters, the holes, in that stinky boy smell he emitted as a teen. I was there for him, strong and sturdy as the walls. Comforted him as he sobbed

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496 words - 2 pages fife that these two instrumnetsbecame closely associated with one another. A fife is a small flute havingfrom six to eight finger holes and it also has no key, used mainly withdrums in playing marches.The tenor drum is closely related to the snare drum. It is somewhat largerin size and it has no snares across its lower skin. This drum is played withsofft felt covered sticks and it produces a huskier sound. While it is occasionallyused in the

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454 words - 2 pages magician.Mobile: a city in southwest Alabama.Pensacola: a city in northwest Florida.Stumphole whiskey: illegally made and sold whiskey that would be hidden in the holes of tree stumps.Tuscaloosa: a city in central Alabama.Bullfinch: A famous collection of Greek mythsDewey Decimal System: A system for organizing books in libraries devised by Melville Dewey.diaries of Lorenzo Dow: Lorenzo Dow (1777 - 1834) was a Methodist preacher who traveled

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484 words - 2 pages same smoother and carefully smoothed the plaster on the steps and sides. I let the plaster dry and then checked to see if I missed any spots. On Tuesday Ashley and I found a couple of spots and carefully filled the holes. Then I used my finger to smooth the edges of the temple out. The next thing I did was I positioned the temple where the back was facing the fence. On Wednesday we took the label that said The Mayan Temple and that had unit Four and my name.


442 words - 2 pages Free compare them because they wrote in different times. Faulkner leaves the reader feeling a sense of what he can really give to use at the end of his stories because he will never reveal too much he will just cover the bare minimum and leave the reader to fill in the holes which makes him great writer.