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Holocaust Essay Analyzing The Roots History History

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Esrin Acar Acar - 1
Mrs. Farrell
21 April 2016
Analyzing the roots of the Holocaust
The Holocaust was a ​systematic​, ​bureaucratic​, state-sponsored ​persecution​. The murder
of six million Jews and 11 million in total by the Nazis ​regime​ and its ​collaborators​ horrible.
The Nazis came into power in Germany in January 1933, and believed that Germans were
“racially superior” and that Jews deemed “inferior”. Hitler was a master politician. In Germany
in the 1930’s people were out of work, poor and desperate. They wanted solutions and answers,
and were very vulnerable. Hitler told the Germans that is wasn't there fault, and that the blame
was all on Jews, and that Jews had stabbed them in the back. He also told them that they were the
master race and that all the other races should be their servants. In addition the ​Nazis​ targeted
Gypsies, Homosexuals, and the disabled for persecution. Many pieces of literature demonstrate
the roots of the Holocaust.
Many actions started the injustice committed by the Nazis. In the story, “Serving Mein
Fuhrer” a Hitler Youth Leader was using ​propaganda ​to little children by saying that they should
rule the world. Parents who didn't agree with Hitler Youth Leader's ideas found themselves
powerless to change their children's minds. Hitler Youth Leaders preached to their young recruits
that “It is natural that you should rule the world” ( page: 3 ). In the story “Broken Glass, Broken
Lives” stormtroopers were breaking the Jews business. “One was smashing the windows of
nearby shops, destroying their displays, and painting their walls with stars of David and
anti-semitic slogans” (page:3). The Germans believed that the Jews
Acar - 2
were a misfortune and took business away from them. In the story “Crystal Night” plum, peach,
and cherry refers to blood, bruises, and skin. “A warning stained glass from the synagogue
slashed plum, peach, and cherry frosting over NOvember”. Families didn't know know what to
expect and this was only the beginning. The Jews also organized ​pogroms​. If the Holocaust was
not to happen the Jewish culture would probably be a lot larger especially in Europe. Today the
Holocaust shows how dangerous we as humans can be, and will be with the proper motivation.
We are constantly impacting history weather is being better or worse (R.O.I)
The attitudes that led to the beginning steps of the Holocaust. In the poem “Family
Album” people didn't know know what to expect with Hitler taking over Germany. There last
day together would be the last one forever...“They smile not knowing this is the last time they
will be together, not knowing what guards their world, and that the sky will be all that remains”.
This is what families started thinking was going to happen when their business etc. were being
destroyed. In...

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