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Home Essay

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So many times parents tell their children of the memories made in their childhood home, and the same goes for my family with one small exception. My parents and I live in _________, an antebellum house that was built in 1808 and renovated by my grandmother's family in 1898. ________, is not only the childhood home of my mother, but of my grandmother, my grandmother's mother, and so on. My grand mother and her family, the ________, moved into the ________ house when she was 8 years old. When she was alive, she would tell us stories of how the house used to be, it was one of her wishes for the house to be restored to the way that she remembered it. The house in it's original state was the way ...view middle of the document...

So they took their word for it, and paid the carpenters to tear down the addition to the house. My grandmother said that her parents and her grandfather wanted to salvage what they could of the wood, because it was cypress, and it was fairly valuable. I suppose they took the wood to a lumber company of some sort to see what was still good, if any, but to their surprise the wood, supposedly, was perfectly fine. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was listen to my grandmother's stories. I thought that they were nothing less than amazing, and to be honest, if she were alive today, I would probably still do the same thing. She became ill when she was about 80 or so, and within a few years, began to spend most of her time in bed, and my mother and I spent most of our time by her bedside, just talking. If you would have talked to her for five minutes, you would have realized there was never a dull moment in her life. Besides the stories of _____, and the stories about our family, my grandmother loved to cook. My mother still has old recipes of my grandmothers in a little box in the kitchen. Even after she got...

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