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I’ll make some generalizations here. Mostly no one likes seeing homeless people. Everyone feels sad when they see someone begging, or if they see someone who is disfigured or disabled lying in the street. Don’t get me wrong– I don’t think I’m special because I feel bad about seeing people who are struggling. But when I see someone begging on the street, a feeling jolts through my entire body. It’s like a flash, or a shock, from head to toe. I feel an intense sadness, Suddenly I feel as if I should give the person money, but of course I’m too shy and timid to do it. Then, the guilt creeps up on me. I can’t stop thinking about the person. Thinking to myself, what might their situation be? Can you imagine how upsetting it must be to beg people on the street for shelter, food, finances or just a helping hand etc? Their clothes are worn out and barely provide any covering of the body at times. They sometimes have to go days without showering or being able to wash their clothing. I wonder where they go at night. Do they not have any family that can take care of them? Some doctor somewhere must be willing to help them with their physical ailment for free, right?! Then I think about how fortunate I am to be healthy, to have family, to be able to afford food, health care, and lodging.
New York has always been known as a rich and wealthy State to many. Here in Long Island Roosevelt There are about 3,800 Long Islanders who don’t have a permanent place to live. In New York State the ranks of homelessness rose 3.6 percent in 2017 from 2016. This rise in the ranks of homelessness equaled to that of 3,151 people. The cost of housing continues to rise greatly very often in Nassau and Suffix county. Nassau latest data shows nearly a 22 percent increase of people living in shelters. Homelessness is a worldwide problem and we seeing the worst of it here in the state of New York, especially where we reside here at Long Island, New York is a working class city filled with lots of job opportunities. However, In New York we still have a major issue with homelessness. Homeless people here in New York city is forced to find shelter in the likes of train stations, City parks and Ailey ways. Majority of the homeless sometimes have no other option then to try and search for food in the trash, in the back of restaurants or last but not least gives them no choice to steal from local stores. Homelessness is such a problem in New York because it is a daunting and stressful task/process to earn a spot in a shelter.
Homelessness is defined as the circumstance when people are without a permanent dwelling such as, a house , or apartment. From what is going on world wide with homelessness it is much worst then what is defined. Homeless people find themselves without shelter or hygiene There for the most part is stale. Their finger nails often has dirt and grind in between them. Their teeth are either dull of yellowing. Their clothing for the most part is ripped or stained. Their footwear (if they are fortunate to have any) are often creased, has holes and falling apart. Homeless people at times goes weeks of months without being able to wash their hair or showering themselves. You can also see the over growth in their hair n their bodies as if they have not shaved in months. Sometimes they smell like urine or feces due to the fact they have no access to a toilet or bathroom. A majority of homeless people suffer from mental health issues as well. Many homeless people are under weight and malnourished or over weight and obese. The overall mental and physical health of a homeless person, for the most part is very unhealthy. Being homeless takes a extreme toll on a humans body, both mentally and physically. When looking at the homeless here in Long Island and anywhere else, we find this to be very true.
No shelter, no food , no funds no means for transportation or communication all occurs in the life of a homeless persons daily life. This also includes having to beg for funds or resources and having to gather bits and scraps only to insure a slight chance of survival. Looking and feeling worthless or invisible is something that every homeless person faces in their daily lives. For those who are homeless everything that above was mentioned is nothing but typical, normal, average and common to a homeless person. To anyone that is not homeless or that has not faced being homeless everything mentioned is not relatable to them. This is why many wo are homeless do not feel like humans due to the fact that they can not relate to others who are not homeless.


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