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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Energy Systems 4
Fitness Components 5
Fitness components and energy systems are used in every day life from participating in sport to just walking up a set of stairs. It is important that if participating in sports or physical activity that the fitness components and energy systems are tailored and improved accordingly to have the most efficiency in completing the desired skills and drills.
Touch football is a popular and fast-paced sport which requires players to perform a wide variety of movements and skills. Touch football was established in the 1960’s and now there are currently 34+ nations involved in the sport. Touch is very similar to rugby league with the main difference being that instead of tackling the opposition
Energy Systems
adenosine triphosphate-Creatinephosphate is an anaerobic energy system, meaning it is not completed using oxygen rather supplies an immediate rush of energy via the breakdown of high energy phosphates stored in the body. At peak performance, the energy system can provide energy for up to 10-15 seconds before it depletes. (ptdirect, 2018)
LACTIC ACID: The lactic acid system relies on the breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid resulting in the production of high-energy molecule adenosintriphosphate (ATP). A resultant of the process of breaking down glucose (which is basically splitting sugars) releases chemical energy which is then used to produce two ATP per glucose molecule metabolised. Another by-product of the process are hydrogen ions releasing into the blood and making it acidic, these are the cause of the burn felt in muscles. (Richwoodstrack.com, 2018)
AEROBIC: The aerobic energy system re-synthesises ATP from carbohydrates, fats and occasionally proteins. The aerobic energy system is the slowest tin terms of producing ATP but makes up for it by producing far more than the other two energy systems, consequently the aerobic energy system is most suitable for providing energy to longer more drawn out exercises over short and ATP exhaustive exercise. (institute of personal training, 2018)
Relating to Touch: The main two energy systems that will be used in touch will be the anaerobic energy systems as touch requires frequent sprints and bursts of short and quick movements which will use these energy systems however throughout the game as the ATP is depleted and the body does not have enough rest time to recover the athletes body will start producing energy slower through the use of the anaerobic system, when this starts it could be seen as a good time to take a substitution to give the body enough time to replenish its ATP storages
Fitness Components
Body composition: Refers to the shape and size of the body considering a muscle to fat ratio.
Muscular Strength: is the capability to exert large amounts of force into an action repeated only up to ten successive times.
Aerobic Capacity: refers to how well the body can produce energy us...


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