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Food Scientist Research Paper
Jessica Covello
Monday , March 28th , 2019
Mrs. Sareno
Will Keith Kellogg (born in 1860, in Battle Creek, Michigan) was an American industrialist and philanthropist who founded the Kellogg's company in 1906. He was the seventh born of sixteen siblings and joined a new religious group in the city known as the Seventh Day Adventists. The members of this Protestant Christian denomination were urged to follow the Church’s recommended diet, which forbade meat, alcohol and caffeine. At the age of 14, Will dropped out of school to work at his father’s broom manufacturing company, and at the age 15 became a brooms salesmen. Kellogg later went to work at the Sanitarium (of which his older brother John owned) not long after completing his three month program at Parsons Business College. As the companies fame grew, John had less time to for the day-to-day operations and promoted Will to a business manager where he worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week. In Will’s later years, he developed severe vision loss, and became completely blind by the year of 1937. 2 years later, he retired as president of the Kellogg’s company but still remained as a board member and made his daily visits to his office at the W. K. Kellogg’s foundations. On October 6, 1951, Will passed away from heart failure in Black Creek Michigan.
Will’s brother, John, had some profound ideas about food and diet at the time of the owning the Sanitarium, and believed that rich nut protein diet, was the key to longevity. In 1877, John created a type of dry cereal, in which he named Granula (to differentiate from the trademark Granola) and he and Will continued to experiment with other grains. By 1894, Will and John were working with boiled wheat pastes and hoped that it would be more easily digestible for the Sanitarium patients. One day, when working with the wheat pastes, one of the trays were accidentally left out for several hours and dried out. They decided to put the batch through the cereal making roller anyway and “were surprised to discover that instead of coming out in long sheets as it always had in the past, every wheat berry came out flattened into its own thin flake”. After baking the flakes, the brothers had realized they discovered a whole new food; the world’s first “flaked” cereal. After having great success with their cereals, the brothers decided to build a factory away from the Sanitarium. The brothers had a lot of tension from before the company and broke into crisis. Despite their differences, they were able to agree on trying a new grain and using corn rather than wheat to form the cereal. This is w...


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