Hot Girls Wanted A Comp One Essay Nwsmu Essay

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Atheah Roberts
Professor Loudon
English 111 Section 14
5 October 2018
Hot Girls Wanted
The porn industry is full of different emotions. A 2015 documentary, Hot Girls Wanted directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus tells us about the women who have been in the industry for ten years, the emotions that porn stars go through, and the inside facts about porn. The film is very good at having the women explain what has happened to them, also way and home they decided to join porn.
Many elements of Kairos can be found in this film. The purpose of the film is to show the amount of males who watch porn on a college campus. “I think that what I do is an outlet for something that’s already there. Supply and demand. That’s there because somebody wanted it.” (Ava Kelly, Hot Girls Wanted) It also shows us about the young women who choose to go into the porn industry, the abuse that they encounter, the many different struggles they go through, and the trauma they encounter for joining porn. “In the porn world, you’re just processed meat.” (Rachel Bernard, Hot Girls Wanted)
Ethos is extremely strong in the movie. It all starts when twenty-five year old Jade gave her story at the beginning of the film. She was in her first porn when she was forced to throw up and then eat it off the floor, it was shared and viewed from all around the world. “It’s all over the world. You can see it anywhere.”(Bella Knox, Hot Girls Wanted) Also, all the stars who were interviewed in the film have been in the industry for almost ten years. A famous figure in the film, Riley 23 is an agent for Hussies. Hussies is an agency who spends their time looking for talented men and women, who are looking to begin their career in...

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