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Housekeeping Management For Serenity Hotel Essay

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Serenity Hotel 4*Housekeeping Department PlanThe Serenity Hotel , which will open to the public in the near future, is a high-standard four star hotel located in the beautiful island of Bora Bora , an institution with the desire of meeting and exceeding guest expectations ,that seeks to offer high quality services , making an unforgettable experience for the guests.In order for the hotel to function properly , all the departments must be very well organized ; thus , the Housekeeping Department , representing one of the key points in an hospitality institution , must be at the highest achievable level of service.A department in such a demanding instution may be functional and may bring the ...view middle of the document...

This training is highly necessary, despite their experience, in order to present to them the hotel policies, rules, regulations and mentality , and to help them accommodate with the atmosphere. The four-step training method shall be used, aswell as a job breakdown , so that there will not be any uncertainities. The work materials, products and equipment will be introduced to them , and they will be showed how to use them correctly and efficiently, avoiding any kind of waste or risk of accidents.Futhermore, the safety and security rules and regulations will be discussed widely , since these aspects are also highly important. Cross-training is also part of Serenity Hotel's programme , due to the fact that knowing how to operate in every field of the department it is part of our principles. This helps avoid a crisis if something happens with one of the employees - he or she can be replaced temporarily. Moreover , our trainees will learn about prioritizing and this way they will be able to handle shortage or emergency situations.At the end of the training, feedback will be requested from the attendees , in order for us to be able to modify and improve the training system .A big goal of the establishment is to avoid as much as possible employee turnover - because of the high costs of reorganizing periodical trainings, this process might decrease considerably the hotel's income and level of service. In order to dodge safely such incidents , the employees must be always motivated and content with their jobs. Besides the flexibility and the understanding of the supervisors, several incentive programmes are being settled for trustworthy , hardworking employees , in order to reward their efforts.The staff will also be monthly evaluated by superiors for the first 3 months ; afterwards, their evaluation will be performed periodically, according to their work activity.Related to the schedule , this aspect will be flexible aswell , the maids and room stewards will work through rotation , and they will be informed regarding their working hours with at least 3 days before the beginning of the workweek , this concept helping both the establishment and the employees .The manner in which the staff shall be managed is an important issue, and so is the technical part , which concerns the equipment that will be used in order to make the business work.Serenity Hotel has confirmed their collaboration with Ecolab, an important and highly professional brand of cleaning products ; the firm will provide the Housekeeping Department with all the necessary types of solutions , cleaning cloth , vacuum cleaners , carts , mops , and reserves for each in the storing area. The reason for choosing this particular brand is that their products are of a great quality level, environmental-friendly, easy to use, and convenient in price - this being specifically what the institution needs.Related to the laundry area , the necessary space has been assigned and the equipment has been...

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