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Griffin Pisko
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Intro to College English
The general definition of a robot is an electro-mechanical device which follows a set of
programmed instructions to carry out certain jobs. Robots find wide application in industries and thus
are called industrial robots and also in sci-fi movies often referred too humanoids. Humans will
improve greatly with robot technology because robots can assist elderly people, bolster in the work
force, and save the lives of animals.
Robotic technology will assist the elderly in living a more fulfilling life. In Martin L. Shoemaker’s
story “Today I am Paul”, Mildred, an elderly woman is greeted by the robot who impersonates anyone
of her choosing. One morning the robot states “I always bring flowers. Mildred appreciates them no
matter whom I am emulating. The Flowers make her smile 87% of my visits” (1). The robot brings the
woman much happiness and joy. Later in the story, Mildred is feeling overwhelmed because she found
out her nurse has been done for thirty years. The robot accidentally told mildred her nurse has been
dead for thirty years and then she starts to cry out “’I want Paul! I sit on the bed, lift her frail upper
body, and pull her close to me as I had seen Henry do many times. ‘It’s all right, hon.’ I pat her back.
‘Its all right, ill take care of you. I wont leave you, not ever’” (1). In the movie “Her” the main
character Theodore recently got a divorce and was devastated and depressed. However, after he
installed his new operating system, he then started the program and meets “Samantha”. After meeting
Samantha, she talked to him continuously and helped him get over his divorce. After helping Theodore,
both of them sparked up a romantic relationship and she gave him happiness and freedom.
Robot technology will change the structure of zoos and allow zoos to treat animals more humanly.
Humans do not have to see live animals suffer in zoos. Instead, robotic animals will be a whole lot
easier because they do not need to be cleaned, fed, or even ripped apart from their families in the wild.
Turkle in Alone Together states “She said she thought it was a shame to bring the turtles all this way
from its island home in the pacific, when it was just going to sit there motionless, doing nothing.”
Robots will improve the sexual life of many human needs. There are some people in this world that
are lonely and don't have a partner, so they use robots to relieve their stress. In my opinion I find this
extremely weird, but if this helps people with depression , anger, and etc, then so be it. An example
from “Alone Together” that shows that people actually do this stuff is “Love w...

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