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A Call for Canada’s Vision
A vision is defined as a picture, idea or plan that one has about themselves, their area, or even their own country. Clear visions help one pursue dreams, achieve goals and surpass expectations and was what Canada was primarily built on. From July 1st, 1867 this nation was built on a solid and clear vision of being an inclusive, diverse, prosperous and sophisticated country. However, after 150 years this powerful vision has not been fully executed in our society and cannot continue to remain unfulfilled with another 150 years passing by. Therefore, as future leaders of Public Policy and Administration our goal is to help Canada execute its vision through eliminating youth homelessness, decreasing the uncontrollable prices of houses and ensuring that candidates running for elections are qualified and seasoned in political movements.
To begin, one major incubating issue in Canada is the increasing rates of youth homelessness. Across Canada we may have walked on sidewalks, alleyways, parks, or even driven down major streets and can all recall a time where we have seen a young, vulnerable and desperate youth looking for a place to call home. Neglect, abuse, family separations, and new parents are few of many words / phrases that are the causes to the rising issue of homeless youth. A step – parent may come into their lives, drastic family changes may occur, or youth may change their sexual orientation / gender identity that parents do not accept resulting in being thrown out into the streets and walking as poor, lonely and helpless youth that have no one to turn to and nowhere to go. The street is no place for any child to live their lives and struggle day after day. Considering the lack of adequate resources, such family support, finances, life skills, and education that homeless youths are deprived of, the chances of falling into the hands of predators and being exploited, trafficked and killed are very high. However as prospective leaders of Canada, we will strive to eliminate this issue and wake up no more to see our youth sleeping in alleyways, wake up no more to see our future generation struggling each and every day, wake up no more to see our youth as victims of exploitation. Building coop housing, sending youth back to school, providing basic necessities, creating integration programs and providing job training are plans that we as future leaders have of giving our youth a chance of a brighter future, filled with hope, prosperity, and success.
Furthermore, another rising controversial issue is the never ending rise of house prices in this nation. Cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are examples of cities in Canada that have suffered from the unfortunate increase of real estate prices. The average price for a house in both cities averages between $800,000 and $2,500,000 and due to the majority of the average working-class Canadian citizens that make under $60,000 per annum, they ...


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