How Chris Brown Can Be Compared To Dancers From The Past Dance Assignment

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In Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x,” the video starts off with an upbeat sound and the artist dancing on the bus. Dancing in this music video wasn’t merely to entertain, however to evoke a cheerful emotion in the audience. Chris Brown rolls on the ground and spins around; his body rotating around its own axis. He even claps with hands high in the air. These are movements someone might do when they are happy, which he is. The way he buoyantly performs these movements is what makes it so happy. The artists’ dance moves are complex so they aren’t to show one how to dance to the song. Instead, it reinforces a message to live life to the fullest and to be delighted. The atmosphere created in the video is very lively as kids are shown to be jolly. At 0.46 when Chris brown says “Move your body out on the floor put you trouble aside”, that’s exactly what he does! Back flipping demonstrates excitement and as Brown slowly glides, he demonstrates his joy. When Chris Brown says “it’s party time” the shot then cuts from him dancing to a wide range of people following him, creating the party mood and pumping their fist into the air. This reinforces the idea about forgetting problems and living life!
“Yeah 3x” is a feel-good music video demonstrating that life ends fast so it’s important to have fun at least once. This fun clip is omitted of any overdone, sexed up corniness like most videos today. The women do not promote their sex appe...


Assignment on how math can be used in the occupation of nursing - College Algebra - Research Paper

603 words - 3 pages “According to the Food and Drug Administration, medication errors jumped from 16,689 in 2010 to more than 93,930 in 2016” (Pierrotti). Which is why it is important for linear equations to be taken seriously by those who use it. At times learning math can be difficult and upsetting for everyone. May times it makes you question why it is important and how you are going to use it later in life. Even if you do not realize it and math is essential to almost

This is a review of the movie Dance Time. It covers dances and dance styles from the 1910's to the 1990's

475 words - 2 pages Free [that] became popular for all". The Swing was during "the big band era" (video). Rock and roll was popular in the 1950s and came "from rhythm and blues". The Mambo was "of Cuban origin", "with syncopated rhythms" (video). In the 1960s, the Twist was popular. "From pony to mashed potato, individualism hit the dance floor." The Mod was "from Britain". The hippie's dances were "uninhibited free expression", most likely because they used drugs

Why can lying be important and how does it connect to the Crucible. - Valley Forge High School English - Essay

798 words - 4 pages Free I do believe as a young teenager lying can be important for individuals and some situations, for example I’m pretty sure most teenagers have lied to there parents at one point. Everything relies upon what your lying for. it could be an advantage or a disadvantage. In the Crucible Abigail in the book does lies commonly in the book. She deceives her uncle about what occurred in the woods. She lies commonly to attempt and ensure herself and

How can a business use the Boston Matrix to manage their product portfolio? - Business Studies - Assignment

424 words - 2 pages market growth so they innovated the product and created the Airpods. The AirPods are now their rising star. Because the target market ranges from teens to adults they will be forced to fasten market research this leads to them being able to have more products with the most market share and growth like their range of I phones. Therefore they can profit maximise and keep releasing new products that customers will have a demand for. However, the

An Essay that discusses how language can be used to differentiate between cultures. - English 101 - essay

1208 words - 5 pages recalling a page from Winnicott’s essay “The Ordinary Devoted Mother.” When her mother says “…well I’m heartbroken she won’t be a child anymore (Bechdel, 107),” Bechdel has a realization and the last three frames of the comic zoom in on the word child, ending the chapter with Bechdel finally being able to let go of her past emotions. She states “I have been wounded and perhaps not irreparably (Bechdel, 34). The words alone do not complete the

Corporate Governance in the UK compared to Japan - Portsmouth University Year 2 - Assignment

1692 words - 7 pages develop. All of this contributes to a stakeholder driven mentality where Overall it can be seen that there are similarities and differences in the both countries corporate governance codes. The similarities lay within the comply or explain nature where there are no strict controls on how a company is to operate. They also lie within the five general principles of each code. The differences however stem from the fact that the UK is more shareholder

How We May Be Able To Distinguish Belief From True Knowledge

1648 words - 7 pages documents and authority. My question is though, can authority be simply wrong, as is the case with the Chinese government? One needs to be able to receive and process all kinds of information which is fed to us and be able to objectively to separate the grain of truth from the sea of myth and belief.In 1989 when I arrived in China , my nation begun its path towards democracy and transformation from communism. That very year the Chinese government

Marketing – The Ethics of Emotion from a Can - Thompson Rivers University - BUSN 6011 - Assignment

1747 words - 7 pages Assignment 3: Marketing – The Ethics of Emotion from a Can BUSN 6011 Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility - Winter 2018 Dwight Linton - TXXXXXXX Page | 1 Assignment Overview Read Ethics in Action 8.1, “Marketing—The ethics of emotions from a can,” and answer the Think Theory question on page 349. Assignment 3 Question: • In the light of the normative ethical theories discussed in Chapter 3, how can we evaluate the use of the

How the Drug War Failed and How It Can Be Improved - Credo High School/English - Research Paper - Research Paper

5581 words - 23 pages social outcast. So it can be  extremely hard for them to go back into society on their own because they would  always be seen in a negative light due to their tumultuous past. Reversing this negative  view would be immensely beneficial to the societal reintegration of these addicts. A   Gennert 15  worthwhile essay would be to alter the common perception from seeing addicts as  criminals to patients. Whether or not this is possible is very hard to

Can you claim to be a Christian and not believe in the Resurrection?

404 words - 2 pages a whole and we must accept it all.Some people can be extremely good and follow Jesus' teachings, without believing He has risen from the dead. But if He isn't still alive, then the concept of eternal life is wrong. Jesus' Resurrection proved to us that His followers will not die, but will go to Heaven with Him. If we don't believe that Jesus is alive, then He cannot help us today.The great event is a testimony to the accuracy of the Bible

mindless vs. mindful listening? What tips can you provide to help someone be more mindful? - COMM 121 Pierce college - Assignment

436 words - 2 pages Free When do you engage in mindless vs. mindful listening? What tips can you provide to help someone be more mindful? "Mindless Listening occurs when we react to others messages automatically and routinely without much mental investment." Even though I am guilty in engaging in mindless listening when my mother tells me to attend church with her on a Sunday morning. However, when the pastor starts preaching, I automatically sometimes zone out and my

Sometimes life can be unpredictable - English Assignment - Assignment

431 words - 2 pages Sometimes life can be unpredictable Life is like a sea current. In calm currents, it can be our happiest moments, but a sea current is unpredictable and can change rapidly from tranquil to chaos. I recall a time when a major accident affected me. It was in my middle school years, on a regular night where I was in the car headed to badminton practice held in my middle school. Everything was normal, ate a delicious dinner, arrived at my

Into the Wild "Was Chris stupid or brave" - Pinkerton Academy English - Assignment

717 words - 3 pages , he ran to win.”(Krakauer 112). From working as a driver at a pizza restaurant to being a cook in McDonalds, he was always reliable and performed his responsibilities to their full. This ambition and determination is what should be admired. It is rare to find such conviction in everyday tasks and does not suggest any presence of insanity, or mental disability. Chris’s ambition was nothing less than incredible Chris knew what he saw wrong with the

"Neo-Predjudices" How Do Today's Acts Of Racism Differ From Those In The Past? Today, Acts Of Racism Are Perpetrated More By Individuals Than By Governments

1734 words - 7 pages Racism and racial prejudice have been plagues which have hindered the growth of human society and the human spirit for thousands of years. The ways people have acted and reacted to these racial injustices however, has varied. Numerous events of political racism have taken place in the past, including enslavement of Africans by the Romans, black slavery in America, the mistreatment of aboriginals in various countries, European colonialism in the

How Music can be Used Therapeutically - English 1101 - Research Paper

974 words - 4 pages Ririe 4 James Ririe Ms. Hill English 1101 21 November, 2018 Therapy: A More Natural Method What is anxiety? Is it made up? What is a safe way to treat this condition? While most know what anxiety feels like, and how painful it can be, many doctors are still attempting to find out these questions. What complexes doctors in today’s world is the teenage brain. Generation X has the highest number of anxiety diagnosed teens in almost a century, and