How Christianity Took Place In Women's Lives

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Angelina Grimke Weld in her article states, "Whatever is morally right for a man to do, it is morally right for a woman to do. I recognize no rights but human rights- I know nothing of men's rights and women's rights; for in Christ Jesus, there is neither male nor female." This idea brings about the role of Christianity to the beginnings of feminism/feminist movement. The role of Christianity was a big part of women and men's lives. They would look upon Christ to see what was morally right for them to do or morally wrong for them to do. Christ was their guide to their cultures and behaviors in the world. They felt that whatever they were taught about Christ was the right way. Angelina explained that in Christ's eyes there were no males or females. Meaning that the two were equal, they had no differences in Christ's eyes and so they should have the exact same rights. Many women were not educated and so Christ was what they did know about and so they got all their knowledge of men and women from Christianity. Women looked at how Christ perceived humans and then they were able to see that they were being treated different compared to men. Women's rights that were supposed to be "human" rights were unfair. The men got to get an education and get a job while the woman had to stay at home and raise the children. It was seen as not right if a woman would become educated or get a job. Women knew that it was not fair and so they became feminists. They started to stand up for what they believed in and what Christ taught them was right. They wanted all women to get the same rights and treatment as a man did. They used Christianity to help bring up what was right and what was wrong. They used it to help support there strive for equality between the two sexes. Christianity was a big part of how women began to look at the role of women and men. It supported the beginning of feminism/feminist movement. They looked upon Christianity for there guide to life and they found that men and women should be equal. They believed in it so much that they were able to start standing up for themselves. They wanted a change in men and women's rights and so that is what they have fought for. They will fight until everyone is considered human; there will be no such thing as male or female.


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2027 words - 9 pages and slowly change this view and practice: "Protestants also used women as missionaries, most often as missionary wives, but also in their own right." This can be seen as a part of the feminist theology movement where religious women sought to get a more equal position in the religion. One passage from this encyclopedia explains the state of Christian women position in their religions: "Christianity is not solely misogynist, only teaching women's

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493 words - 2 pages making Christianity because it gave people a reason to believe the teaching of Jesus Christ.Jesus showing love for his people also played a part in the process of establishing Christianity. Jesus taught the people how to love one another. Not only did he teach it, Jesus also showed it. Jesus set an example for the people. He showed them what a Christian would have to be. He even died for the people so that God would forgive the people their sins

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596 words - 3 pages , but in the worldview of everyone, it was agreed upon that Christianity was the criterion of legitimacy, no matter how often it may have been abused. My personal that’s about this article is I can see why historians would typically pick 475 AD, as when the Middle Ages would begin. I feel that would be around the correct time because it only makes sense because the Roman Empire had fell. I believe that a lot of different thing do take place in the