How Climate Change Affects Our Earth And How It Is Related To The Book Oryx And Crake Spokane Community College English Essay

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Climate Change
“Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events-like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures-are already affecting society and ecosystems” (Arizona). Atmospheric circulations are providing unusual patterns that are resulting in longer periods of wet weather. Since wet weather is increasing, the amount of floods is increasing as well. On the other side, high temperatures are becoming a big problem. Due to the extreme heat, droughts, wildfires and heat stress are affecting many people and areas. Farmers and ranchers are worried about their crops and their water supply, which is vulnerable to waterborne diseases. Melting glaciers are filling up oceans and putting animals at risk. Some animals are on the run to find a cooler place, while others are multiplying. Climate change is resulting in heavy rainfall and rising temperatures that are putting the whole earth at risk.
Today, heavy rain is more frequent because climate change is shifting rainfall patterns. “Extreme weather events are usually associated with unusual atmospheric circulation patterns” (Guardian). Normally, circulation patterns alter overtime bringing different types of weather. However, when there is an unusual atmospheric circulation pattern, it may result in an extended time of wet weather. “In this situation, soils and groundwater reservoirs can become saturated, which can lead to flooding as additional rain runs off the land surface” (Guardian). Flooding is seen in many parts of the world and is becoming more frequent. Longer periods of rain have caused the additional rain to run off and flood parts of the earth. Margaret Atwood has foreshadowed that atmospheric circulation patterns would be abnormal and there would be extended time of wet weather when she stated in her book, “The ceremony used to take place in June; the weather then used to be sunny and moderate. But June was now the wet season all the way up the east coast, and you couldn’t have held an outdoor event then, what with the thunderstorms. Even early February was pushing it: they’d ducked a twister by only one day” (173). Over the past few years and now, it is no secret that atmospheric circulation patterns are abnormal, and they are causing rainy weather. Over these past few years, wet weather has become more obvious. “Heavy rain and flooding has increased by 50% this decade” (The Guardian). Since climate change keeps increasing, the number of rain and flooding is expected to increase as well. Unfortunately, wet weather isn’t the only problem, extreme heat is becoming a problem as well.
Climate change is causing hotter days that are becoming more frequent and triggering all sorts of natural disasters. Recent research has shown that, “Over the past decade, daily record high temperatures have occurred twice as often as record lows across the continental United States” (C2es). The extreme heat can intensify droughts, which makes everything e...


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