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Conflict is the central idea that helps shape the plot of a story. It is often the critical idea that makes the story more interesting. For instance, in the film adaptation of the short story, “ The secret life of Walter Mitty,” the conflict was expressed between Walter and his employer Ted Hendrix who was going to fire Walter for misplacing an essential piece to his job; the vital photo that was going to be on the front cover of Life Magazine.With the presence of conflict in this story, Walter Mitty faced challenges that helped him develop both physically and mentally. Similarly, conflict was an essential aspect of building the theme and creating a stronger effect on the audience. Without the presence of conflict in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," there would have been no story.
A story with an intense conflict is often one that will be more interesting for an audience. An example of this principle was showcased in the The secret life of Walter Mitty. This film is about a man named Walter Mitty who daydreams that he is a heroic person, while in reality, Walter fails to maintain his self-esteem or his heroic self. However, throughout the story, Walter evolves from a daydreamer to an actual heroic adventurer when he embarks on a quest to find a missing photo negative 25. This story represents the conflict Man vs Circumstances because the story's most critical aspect was -25 going missing if that issue hadn't occurred, then the story wouldn't have revolved around Walter travelling across the world searching for -25 and Sean O’Connell, the photographer who took the photo. Comment by Samia Badyal: Haider, there is no ending to this paragraph. It feels like you gave a supporting detail, but you did not wrap up this detail, or the paragraph.
Conflict not only makes a story more interesting, but it helps build strength within the characters to overcome fears, challenges and doubts. An illustration of this was also showcased in the film. Due to the conflict in which Walter had to find negative 25 to help his company create their last magazine cover, Walter got the opportunity to demonstrate his strength by facing problematic moments such as coming face to face with hungry sharks in the Arctic ocean, or a volcanic...

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