How Did Freedom Shape The Life Of Benjamin Franklin History Essay

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How did race, class, and gender shape the lives of Franklin and Jacobs? Conclude your essay by discussing the meaning of freedom-that is, how did freedom( or the lack thereof) shape the experiences of Benjamin Franklin and Harriett Jacobs?
As an international student, I have always seen America as the land of opportunity. The American Dream is something that many of us are truying to reach. However, back in the 1800’s U.S. was completely different than what it is today. Slavery, race, no rights for women were the main topics in U.S. Based on the books: “ The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”and “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”  I have realized that if it weren’t for people like Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Jacobs, U.S. would not have become the place it is today. Benjamin Franklin can be seen as the creator of the American Dream. With his continuous hard work and the will to work on self-improvement he accomplished a lot. Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father, publisher, inventor and a diplomat who helped with negotiations with the Treaty of Paris that ended that Revolutionary War. Franklin even decided to write an autography in order to inspire people to not settle and try to reach their goals. He truly is an example of the American Dream. In his autobiography, he states: Having emerg'd from the Poverty and Obscurity in which I was born & bred, to a State of Affluence & some Degree of Reputation in the World, and having gone so far thro' Life with a considerable Share of Felicity, the conducing Means I made use of, which, with the Blessing of God, so well succeeded, my Posterity may like to know, as they may find some of them suitable to their own Situations, & therefore fit to be imitated”. This tells us that he was an ordinary boy coming from lower-class family, but with hard work and persistance he learned how to write and how to get what he wants. He dedicates his autography to his son, that is why he was trying to finish it before he dies. He wanted to leave a good example, so his son can truly understand the meaning of a good life and how to fight through bad times. Since young age, Franklin showed interest in writing, therefore all his life he tried to publish as much as he could. His brother owned a print shop, so that helped Franklin read and expand his knowledge about writing and reading. However being the youngest son in the family, franklin had no freedom at all. He was a young boy living in the 1800’s when slavery was everywhere. He worked for his brother, and he was treated as a Slave. Franklin felt like he did not have any freedom at all, so he chose to escape and build his life by himself. He chose to leave his family. Later on, he was able to own a print shop and he took over “The Pennsylvania Gazette” magazine. His take over made this magazine one of the most famous printed papers in the colonies at that time. One of the things he started writing and publishing about were short stories and posters about slave...


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