How Do Video Game Affect People - Grade12 - Essay

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How Do Video Games Affect People
By: Patrick
Have you ever wondered about the influence of video games? According
to recent research, it shows that people currently spend three billion hours
weekly playing games. Within this decade, the development of the game
industry has dramatically increased and it even altered the attitude of the old
generations, such as parents and elders. In the society of 2000, the video game
was merely an entertainment tool for children. However, in 2018, it breeds
infinite possibility in the future. Game can change the broken side of world.
There are three aspects in which games can make the world better: video
games become more educational and creative, video games enhance users’
social relationships and increase their confidence, and video games can improve
people’s emergent consciousness.
Nowadays, student or children can study different cultures through
games. Ten years ago, many parents felt antipathetic about video game this is
because lots of negative news reported on media networks. When games need
a positive position in society, social media gave it an evil impression to be public
in order to attract more attention. “Internet Opium” was the most popular
vocabulary in 2008. It means that is easy to be addicted as opium. Despite
game had a bad reputation, it still got immense improvement. Games today not
only improve the computing hardwares, but also cover educational purposes.
Studying is a boring and stressful process for students. Video games can
increase and continue their interest in study. For example, Assassin’s creed is a
role-playing game that adopted by obscure history in real life. It has a series of
editions to express the historical events that happened in different countries and
teach gamers the ancient culture of assassin as well. Professor Layton is a trivia
video game in Japan in which players will become a detective to solve various
IQ problems in an unnatural event. This game not only provides an environment
for gamer studying new knowledge but also encourages us to do more thinking.
Humanity is another theme that video games can educate people. Another
example is Neir: Automata, at the end of the game the gamer will be asked
whether they would like to sacrifice all of the data that spent over 30 hours to
pass this game in order to block a bullet for other gamers in the world.
Surprisingly, most of the gamers selected “ yes” and even encouraged other
people not to give up. This proves public that game is a way to express
warmness and move instead of an “Internet Opium”.
Video games enhance user’s personal relationships and increases their
confidence in society. In today’s world, there are many ways to promote family
relationships and friendships such as traveling, shopping, or watching movies.
Gaming with family member is a good choice as well. Based on research,
Palying Video Game Helps Parent/Daughter Relationship, it shows that playing
video games helps child...

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