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How Do We Know If God Exists

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I've only explored the tip of the iceberg on this subject I do feel that I have covered enough for an average person to justify their beliefs or to give an idea of what kind of problem one runs into when answering this question. In conclusion I will leave you with a quote from Walter Kaufmann. "Those asserting God's ...view middle of the document...

This is a doubtful doctrine. [...] Even if it was legitimate to speak of different modes of existence, what could be meant by asking whether God "exists"? Saying that God exists in the same sense in which mathematical points exist would be hardly less atheistic than saying that his existence is comparable to that of unicorns. Those asserting the existence of God have sometimes recognize this difficulty and contended that God's mode of existence is unique, that he does not exist in the same sense in which anything else exists but in a sense peculiar to himself. Logically, however, this is no different from saying that God does not exist." Works Cited Kolak and Martin, "The Experience of Philosophy" Wadsworth Publishing, 1999 Kaufmann, "Critique of Religion and Philosophy" Princeton University Press, 1986 Aquinas' Five Ways was taken from "Core Questions in Philosophy" by Elliott Sober

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