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How Does Alan Bennett Use Dramatic Techniques To Manipulate Your Feelings Towards Doris In 'a Cream Cracker Under The Settee' ?

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A cream cracker under the settee is a monologue play. This means that there is one person speaking all the way through. The difficulties of having a play in monologue form is that it can become very dull and boring. Bennett uses a variety of techniques to stop the audience becoming bored and to keep them interested. He also trys to make the audience sympathise and empathise with the character.Alan Bennett was born and raised in leeds. He had a very close relationship with his mother and lived with her until she passed away. As well as writing the play he directed it and he was also an actor.A cream cracker under the settee is a play about an old lady named Doris. She is a lonely woman of 75 ...view middle of the document...

It is decorated with old-fashioned wallpaper and there are many photographs on the walls which, typically, you would expect an old ladies setting to look like.Doris's lifestyle is also typical. She is shown as lonely and the audience empathise with her because of this.The audience is given a glance into Doris's background and family and I think this is a good technique Bennett has used because it stops the play becoming boring and adds interest. We find out that she had a husband named Wilfred and was once pregnant but her baby died shortly after birth so they always remained childless." I wanted to call him John, the midwife said he wasnt fit to be called anything". This particular quote from the play provokes sympathy from the audience, proberly more so from the females because they can relate more.Doris shares memories about her late husband Wilfred and about her baby. Some of these provoke sympathy for her." If it had lived i might've had grandchildren now". This quote is an example of this. She also shows emotions that are positve and negative. She gives negative emotions about zulema and stafford house, how she dislikes both, but gives positive emotons about her memories and being independant for herself.Doris expresses many opions and thoughts throughout the play. This technique manipulates your feelings...

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