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How Does Baz Luhrmann's Gain Sympathy For Romeo And Juliet And Engage The Interest Of A Modern Audience?

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Baz Luhrmann's production of Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet" is updated to the hip modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue. Clever details and a mix of modern props and Shakespearian language have helped this film become hugely popular through the years since its release in 1996. Luhrmann uses many techniques to ensure that he engages the interest of a modern audience by rejuvenating a classic story made more personal to today's demanding audience.Romeo and Juliet first meet at a party held at the Capulet mansion. The party is a fancy dress, full of people showing off their colourful and flamboyant costumes. Romeo and Juliet's costumes however are ...view middle of the document...

Juliet then has to dance with Paris who is another barrier between her and Romeo, another thing to keep them separated. Luhrmann creates interest in this scene by using camera angles to change between shots of Romeo and shots of Juliet who are both sharing a joke at Paris' expense. Juliet's gaze, although she is in fact dancing with Paris, is mainly fixed on Romeo, clearly showing that she feels much more for him than for Paris, whom her mother wishes Juliet to marry.When Juliet and Paris have finished dancing, Romeo pulls Juliet away from the crowd and this is where their shared sonnet begins. Throughout Baz Luhrmann's production, some lines from Shakespeare's original play have been cut to be more fitting to the production, but Romeo and Juliet's sonnet is kept full and intact creating importance and interest in the true meaning of the words. The sonnet also makes many religious references relating back to how society was in Shakespearian times.When the two lovers pull away from the party and into the lift, the music re-gains its speed showing the fleeting moments Romeo and Juliet wish to take advantage of. Their kiss marks the climax of the music and of their meeting. As well as music, camera angles are fast and constantly in motion to again show the intensity of their feelings in their short time together. Once again, the nurse parts the two lovers creating immense sympathy and disappointment for the couple from the audience as again, their time together has been cut short. This is when the...

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