How Does Clothing Over Time Change? Reading Essay

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“Clothing Over Time”
Over the past century, different clothing styles and techniques of designing clothes have emerged and have helped shape the way society views clothing. In the past, there were not many options as to which clothes to wear because of the lack of efficiency when developing them. Up until the Civil War era, many people were stuck having to wear clothes that didn't fit because custom made clothes were only accessible to the wealthy. Tailoring and ready-made clothing has changed the way society perceives clothing and has shined light upon new opportunities for people to express themselves at an affordable price. These new ways of developing and sizing clothing are drastically changing for the better and are the beginning of something much bigger.
Ready-made clothing has played a big role in the mass-production of affordable clothing. Although some might see ready-made clothing as a sign of loss of individuality, many see it as modern and fashionable. The National Institute of Standards of Technology "Ready-Made Clothing" article states, "A tailor might take two dozen measurements when making a man's suit." Many people have found that although custom clothing is no longer as common as it used to be, it is still much more accurate and fits better, that is if you are willing to pay the higher price for it. Modern culture has b...


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