How Does Color Affect Design And People University Of Bridgeport Color Theory Essay, Assignment

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Color Theory
Professor Matto
Mark Esposito
There are a series of videos on YouTube that feature Enchroma Glasses. This revolutionary technology enable those of us who are color blind to see a full spectrum of color. The heart-breaking series, often referred to as, “Try Not to Cry Challenges,” show the affect of color on the psyche of those who had never seen it before. Color is inherently taken for granted, as it is a blessing that is almost inescapable to the common eye. This regularity results in associations between color and situations or objects. The human eye may see the color red and become nervous or antsy due to an association with a memory of a siren, a stop sign, or blood. Simultaneously another person may associate the color red with a memory of a family member with red hair, a fireplace, or a favorite toy from their childhood. In the world of design, it is an artists job and responsibly to create an environment pleasant to the eye, as well as compatible to a clients relationship with color. This is can be incredibly difficult as designers not only work with primary color, but shades and hues of multiple colors, different fabrics and materials, and the human experience in each designated space.
Many religions rely on color to portray messages to their people. Particularly in pagan religions, color is an important factor in meditation due to associations and connections forged by the practitioners experiences. When a practitioner seeks to meditate or focus their energy on love, for example, it is general practice to light candles in red, pink, white to gaze into during meditation. Red is often associated with the emotion of passion, due to its psychological associations to fire and warmth, “danger” and impulse, and rapid growth. White, often associated with peace and innocence, is the color of doves, clarity of a fresh snow fall, and cleanliness a fresh piece of paper. Combined, Pink contains those emotions and associations from red and white as well as its own relations to flora, valentines day gifts, and society-created suggestions of “cuteness.” Another common practice of pagan culture is to work with the colors green and brown in conjunction with money. On the surface, this is not surprising, as green is the general color of American paper currency, and brown is similar to bronze, the material once used to produce pennies. Going deeper, this has more intense connections that are not as obvious such as the connection of the color green to plant life, and the color brown to dirt. Plants are connected to health as we require fruits and vegetables to remain healthy, and dirt is the top layer of soil on the ground which supports us. As such, the connection of green and brown to stability and general well-being; something money might be required to obtain. Digging even deeper to yellows and blues, you might find connections to the optimism and calm, therefore strengthening the effect of green on the psyche.
Due to the human experie...


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