How Does It Feel To Be A Poor And Black - English 101 - Respond Paper

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Levan Morales
English 101
MR. Brandon Kreitler
Reading response
How does it feel to be black and poor
I absolutely loved the reading. I will admit that reading the passage was the best event of
my week. This reading changed some of my personal view about an issue.
Living in NYC almost 5 years gave me a cultural shock. Within these years I lived with,
many different ethnic people, in too many different part ot the city. Which was pretty unusual for
me because, I born and raised 24 years at the same address, until I moved to NYC. To be more
specific my birth certificate which issued by C.C.C.R. and my currant Georgian passport still say
the same address. 24 year of my life I barely meet any african americans or anyone from latin
america so I was completely separated from this very complex world/society and its issues. I
have read about it quite a bit but it did not seem like I was actually understanding real issue until
I experienced it, until I actually lived with them, or I actually talk to them. We will never
understand real issues form books if we won’t experience the same, or we won’t face the same
problem that they are dealing with. That is exactly what J.T. was telling to the author “you
should hang out, get to know what they do, how they do it. You need to understand how young
black people live on the streets” in other words it’s easy to take a comfortable sit at your office
front of laptop and write about people who are living at the streets and have zero opportunity of
better life. If you want to know about them go and see how they actually live, then try to fit in
their shoes, try to see the world in their perspective and then write
I loved J.T. personaj, I like that he is brave and smart. I think that’s reason of his
leadership. He has exac understanding how the world works, which basically managed by white
man. Becoming drug dealer was not J.T. choice. At ...

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