How Does Mainstream Media Affect American Society Ap Seminar Research Paper

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How does mainstream media television and movies negatively affect the American Society’s
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It's no surprise that watching television and movies can escape us from everyday life. However, all kinds of mainstream media and movies have an impact on our society. From the beginning of its emergence as a titan in our society media has been used to convey information, entertainment, news, education, and promotional messages. Media has been transmitted through a variety of networks such as, television, radio, newspapers, billboards, telephones, and internet. Media can occupy a high amount of leisure time.
Media is a very influential force in American society, but looking further into the situation and reality at hand a wide spread of races have reacted to the exposure of media in America differently. In an article presented by Dana Mastro she expressed how the depiction or races of in television and movies influence watchers to have a positive/negative bias towards that race due to how they were shown on screen. “In the 1950s portrayals of Blacks were dominated by unfavorable archetypes such as loyal but subservient mammies and ridiculed buffoon…” Generally, black characters function to serve and amuse their white counterparts on television. However, changes began to emerge by the end of the 1960s. Although these new images of Blacks offered idyllic representations of Blacks and U.S. culture.”(Mastro). The evidence here leads one to infer that over the years the portrayal of African Americans on television has changed due to the history of their race. “However, so few Asians are depicted on primetime television that little more than their sheer rate of representation is known. Prior to the 1970s, images of Asians on television were nearly Looking more broadly across the media landscape reveals that Asian Americans (much like Latinos, Native Americans, and other racial/ethnic groups) are commonly presented as a homogenous group, with ethnic and cultural differences almost entirely ignored absent.”(Mastro). Given this evidence we can conclude that the view of a race can change a persons mind due to how often they are depicted on television. These facts can confirm that the depiction of races on television can have viewers view a certain race the same way they are depicted on the television.
The United States is now more diverse than ever, but from watching movies and television programs it's easy to overlook the development. In the movie the Day After Tomorrow the movie brings life to the viewers about global warming. According to a Yale researcher. “83 percent of people who saw the movie said they were “somewhat” or “very concerned” about global warming, while only 72 percent of people who hadn’t seen it agreed.” As a kid you always would learn from what you see other people, but that's the same way when viewers watch films. In the movie, Super Size Me it shows the audience what happens to your body when you ...


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