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Executive Summary:
This report is a critical analysis on how effective motivation of employees can improve organisational effectiveness on a company such as Junction Hotel. It will also include recommendations that Simon Chance should incorporate into Junction Hotel in order to improve organisational effectiveness, and thus improve profits.
This report will cover a number of motivational theories ranging from Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory to Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory and will outline the advantages and disadvantages of using each theory. The report will deduce the effectiveness when used by a hotel company such as Junction Hotel. Furthermore, each theory will be altered slightly and tailored to work with Junction Hotel and Simon Chance will be able to effectively follow this report and decide which theory he would like to use.
Motivational Theory 1: Taylor
Taylor’s scientific management theory was theorised at the start of the 20th century and heavily influenced production methods around that time such as Henry Ford’s mass production techniques in the production of cars. Taylor’s theory states that ‘what the workmen want from employers beyond anything else is higher wages’, essentially Taylor believed that workers were only motivated by money. As a result, workers don’t necessarily enjoy work and thus need to be closely monitored, as they had a tendency to slack off whenever they could, Taylor called this natural soldiering. To combat against this, Taylor states that managers should give workers all workers training and that the tasks should be bite sized so they are more manageable to complete. Furthermore, Taylor devised a new wage method called Piece Rate. This pays workers on how much they produce so workers that are more efficient will be rewarded with better pay. This creates a win-win situation for Junction Hotel and the workers as the employees would be incentivised to work harder thus increasing overall efficiency and production for Junction Hotel therefore, increasing their overall profits.
Some advantages to using Taylor’s motivation theory is the increase in production due to increased motivation from piece rate leading to increased profits. Although Junction Hotel would be spending more on wages, the increased production would increase revenue and thus increase Junction Hotel’s profits overall. Another advantage is the increased control managers get over employees, this is due to employees becoming specialists in their field as they do the same tasks repeatedly.
Some disadvantages however are that managers take full control of employees in an autocratic management style. This leads to less creativity within the employees as they repeat the same monotonous tasks over and over again, making their work tedious and thus potentially leading to reduced employee motivation. Furthermore, this theory treats workers like they are machines leading to...

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