How Has Child Labor Affected The Past 803 Report

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Report on Child Labour
Child Labor is one of the most problematic issues on our globe as I would see it. It is considered to take away schooling for youthful children and set them to work with hazardous and substantial gear for a lengthy period. In straightforward words the utilization of youngsters from ages four to fifteen working in the mechanical field, when illegal. The cause of Child Labor is mostly due to the children and their family being poor. These conditions are harsh upon kids but what other options do they have.
Children’s perspective on Child Labor
Children have positive and negative thoughts on what they must face. Working as a part of Child Labor could be hard as kid. Some positive perspectives of children are that they are learning skills which will help them in the future. They will be determined and hard-working if they start working in a job. Will be happy since they are keeping their family safe by working hard, earning money and giving it to the family in need. Also, they can receive a meal to eat everyday. Along with the positive there are quite a few negatives. They will be malnutrition. Although they obtain a meal, it would be small and won’t be enough. Plus, they won’t be strong and healthy due to lack of nutrition required for the body. As mentioned before there will be use of heavy machinery which will get the Child Labors very tired and clumsy. With so much to handle they get tired and weak putting themselves with lots of anxiety and stress.
Parents role and responsibilities. Why do they participate?
To let go of your child to enforce their time in Child Labor would be quite depressing. The parents ask a loan from the factory owners for a trade, a child. The loan they get will provide food for the family while the child who went to work as a labor will get food too. According to me the parent’s responsibilities is to take good care of a child and nourish and raise them. Its understandable that some are poor but it would be better than sending them to work. It would be difficult for the parents to decide; Have no money and starve with whole family or have some food, allowing them not to starve but have one less member in their family. In this case it would be a tough choice and they only participate to have their family from not starving.
Consumers or Factory Owners role/responsibilities
As consumers, you would feel bad for buying products made from kids but there are good and bad things. As our responsibilities, we should support the cause instead of buying it. But if we buy it the company will make more sales and will be able to provide the Child Labours more money to support the family. Buying it would be good but if you spread the word more people will buy it, which will give the business a huge profit which will give the labours more money to help their family. But along all this buying the product will make the Child Labours work a lot more than usual. They are already drenched out all the time and working at such a fast pace would not be good for their health. As a consumer, we should help stop such issues. Create groups and discuss statistics to help the people in our world in need.
The best way to help this problem is to spread the word about it. Aware governors and factory owners what its like to deal with such an issue. This can only stop if we tell people and explain what it does. If we all stand together and try to deal with this situation there are many families in need which we can make their lives happier. Even fundraising or donating some money to organizations could help the families a bit. I say we stop Child Labor.


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