How Has Social Media Affected Relationships? Critical Inquiry Argument Essay

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Ashley Shackford
August 25th, 2017
How has Social Media Affected Relationships?
What would you do if you discovered your significant other was cheating, but it was through social media? What if you found out your friends were posting about you online instead of saying things to your face? Social media is a lot of things. There are many upsides to social media, but many more downsides. What was suppose to bring us together and allow people to communicate has in turn made everyone attached to their phones. People will rarely engage in face to face conversation because they are too busy using their phones. Not only this, but more specifically, it is greatly impacting people's relationships. Everyone, young to old, is being affected mentally. It is causing people to end up hurt and it is causing people to no longer engage with others. They are trapped in the world of their phones. Social media can have a negative impact on its users which can include developmental issues, abuse of others, and possession over others.
Due to the fact that most people spend too much time on their phones and on social media, issues with developing peer relationships and having face to face communication have come up. Social media has changed the way everyone communicates and it is particularly impacting younger people. The technology people have access to and use constantly is changing everyone's ability to communicate face to face with others. This attachment to technology is making it more difficult for young adults as well as adults to feel comfortable speaking directly with others in person and develop interpersonal relationships (Cyr, Berman & Smith, 2015, p. 80). Extensive use of social media and technology has been found to cause depression and anxiety. The constant usage may also cause loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and less time spent exercising. People constantly using their phones will often spend less time with others, which may be another reason for the feeling of depression and loneliness (Cyr et al., 2015, p 81). The constant use of phones is greatly impacting one's ability to communicate well face to face and feel comfortable when communicating. Being on the phone all the time is causing mental issues. This shows that issues are arising because of the use of technology. People still have social skills, but the use of technology is impacting that, as well as their health.
Social media has allowed abusive relationships to continue because it is a connection between the abuser and the abused. Because of technology, the abuser in any relationship now has a way to continue to stay in contact with the victim in the relationship. Before technology, the abused would have an easier chance of getting away from the abusive relationship. Now, with the constant connection, the victim is easier to find and stay in constant contact. This causes the victim to feel trapped (Halligan, Knox & Brinkley, 2013, p. 644). The use of technology has given a new way for people to...

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