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Which books would you compare The Handmaid’s Tale from dystopian literature?
I would compare the book “1984” by George Orwell, the book is an example of dystopian literature.
The dystopian novel was set in 1984 in which most of the population of the world have become victims of perpetual war (endless war), omnipresent government surveillance (the government is always watching them) and propaganda (biased and misleading information). In comparison to The Handmaid’s Tale which was set in 1984. The dystopian novel is set in England in a totalitarian state (A state with extremely high degree control of people and their private lives). This is similar to the situation in “1984” where the population are victims of omnipresent government surveillance.
Both novels are set in England.
Also both protagonists have some sort of relationship with a character that works for them, in “1984” Winston Smith has a forbidden relationship with a fellow employee Julia. Whereas in The Handmaid’s Tale Offred has a sexual relationship with her master in order for him to succeed an heir however the relationship between Offred and the master does not allow her to have any say in the matter. She is an echo of the master, we are to assume the master’s name is Fred and she is Offred.
In conclusion I would compare The Handmaid’s Tale to “1984” as they are both dystopian novels they are both set in England and they share similar scenarios.
What are the features of dystopian...

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