How Justice Is Related To The Marks Of A Marist Student Columbus High School; Social Justice Essay

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Sebastian Kempa
Mrs. Cofresi
Hon. Social Justice
9 September 2018
How Justice is Related to the Marks of a Marist Student
Justice, in the Catholic Church, is defined as the constant and permanent
Determination to give everyone his or her rightful due. Justice is a habitual inclination of the will
and therefore always recognizes each and every person’s rights. The purpose of the five marks of
Marist Students are to make Jesus known and loved through the Marist-value education, none of
which would be possible without Justice.
The first mark of Marist students is titled, “Faith Filled Disciples.” This mark entitles us
to a strong sense of God and a personal relationship with Jesus. Both Mary and Marcellin were
able to fulfill this relationship through their religious formation, sacramental life, and prayer. As
Marist students, we are expected to do the same. This mark relates to Justice in how we all have
free will and we all have the choice as to how we form this everlasting relationship, whether it be
the same way as Mary and Marcellin, or through our own creative and unique ways.
The second mark of Marist students is titled, “Empowered Witnesses.” This mark allows
Marist students to acknowledge Mary as our model and companion, become joyful witnesses to
God’s love, and to live a simple, moral l...


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