How Much Is Macbeth A Victim Of The Forces Of Evil And What Degree Does He Embrace Evil English Essay

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How much is Macbeth a victim of the forces of evil and what degree does he embrace evil?
Evil is a destructive force, it causes harm to those who embrace it and their victims. In Shakespeare 's Macbeth, the protagonist Macbeth plummets into the hands of evil. Evil is what drives people to commit unnatural actions of destruction. These actions are caused by Macbeth’s overwhelming greed and ambition. The forces of evil corrupted Macbeth which led to him voluntarily lying, deceiving and murdering.
Macbeth scummed to the forces of nature due to his insatiable greed and ambition that led to the corruptions of his character. The play began with the ‘forces of evil’ in the witches plant the seed of corruption into Macbeths mind by proclaiming “shall b king thereafter.” This statement led Macbeth in to a downward spiral of fear, greed and desire. These ‘forces of evil’ in the witches planted the initial seed that led to the foundations of his feelings of fear towards the unknown and his need to reach and reap the rewards. To this extent Macbeth was a victim of circumstances and it may have influenced him greatly, but it does not make him greedy and ambitious. The forces of evil started a chain reaction that ultimately led to the demise of Macbeth, but Macbeth is solely to blame, the continual coercion from Lady Macbeth was an influencing factor that led to Macbeth letting evil take over. Throughout the play we are see that Lady Macbeth is fearful of her husband’s good nature as it is ‘full o’ the milk of human kindness.’ This leads to Lady Macbeth having to challenge his manliness and provoke him in order for him to follow her plan so he can become King. The audience are able to see how Lady Macbeth starts to become a force of evil, with her even concocting the entire plan to kill Duncan, even how to cover their tracks. This fact of the drives behind Lady Macbeth’s Ambitions can either be put up to her desire to be queen and have the throne. But the more understandable reason is that she is ultimat...


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