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How Sports Influenced My Life Essay

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I have been participating in sports ever since I was four. Athletics has always been a very big part of my life, and that is the way I love it. I play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse for my school, as well as playing travel soccer for the LIJSL. I also enjoy playing softball, football, tennis and any other sport.Partaking in athletics has had an extremely positive influence on my life and my development as a person. For one thing, it has taught me cooperation and teamwork. It has taught me how to be a good leader and to work well under pressure. This has become ...view middle of the document...

Some of my first friends were from my soccer team. It has also kept me very busy. I feel that this has prevented me from trying drugs and/or alcohol along with teaching me some very important organization skills. Since I spend so much time at practice or games, I have learned to organize and manage my time more efficiently. There is little time to procrastinate.Furthermore, I feel that from being a participant in sports I have developed a great amount of self discipline. Sometimes I just don't feel like getting up and going to those early morning practices or taking that extra mile when I feel like I can't go another step. Sports have shown me the importance of making the right choices.Aside from teaching me some very important life skills, being an athlete has opened many doors for my future. After I graduate high school, I plan to go on to college and continue my athletic career. I am hoping to get a scholarship so I can then become a veterinarian or a professional soccer player.In conclusion, I feel that playing sports has not only helped me to become a better person, but it has also helped me to excel in other areas. I think that athletics is a very important part of my life and I encourage many others to participate too. Most of all, I HAVE FUN! There is nothing more I enjoy than going outside and playing any sport; it doesn't matter which it might be.

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