How To Install A Picket Fence Assignment

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How to Install a Picket Fence Most people dream of having a house of their own when they begin to form a family. They also think about having a white picket fence. Picket fences make a house look bigger, elegant, and beautiful. Installing picket fencing is not a difficult job to do. This installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. There are only four easy steps to begin installing picket fencing. First, you customize pickets. Second, you have to make a spacer. The third step is the position. Step four is putting the pickets together. For customizing pickets (piece of wood you will use), trace the shape onto the boards and make the cuts wit ...view middle of the document...

Soon, your picket fence will look extraordinary. Holding a level against a spacer to check that the pickets are plumb can be a little awkward at times. However, one solution is to make a spacer like in step two. Another is to then screw a small torpedo level aligned with the front edge of the spacer. As a result, you won't have to worry about holding the level in place while you work. The third step is the position. To position the first picket, butt the spacer against the post. Butt the picket against the spacer, and then plumb the picket with a level. Secure it to the rails with No. 8 2-inch deck screws or galvanized 8d (2 ½ inch nails) at the same height as the spacer. To lay out pickets that follow the contour of the ground, hold them in position upside down and beside the spacer. Mark the bottom of the picket where it is level with adjacent one. Cut the pickets to size and fasten them right side up to the rails. Finally, butt the spacer against the first picket, position it to the next picket, and screw it to the rails. Continue installing pickets the same way. Check often for plumb and make any needed adjustments. After installing the pickets, add caps to the tops of the posts to keep out water. In addition, once you finish installing your picket fence and painting it, you should be proud of yourself. You just installed a picket fence on your own. Now, your house looks elegant and bigger. Finally, you have your dream house with white picket fence. Congratulations.


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